Introduce us to your band!

SPACEJAM is the interplanetary meeting of three musicians at the peak of their art and with impressive routes. Rich in their virtuosity and their experiences, they shared the biggest stages alongside THE CURE, BB KING, MANU CHAO. Backpackers, work enthusiasts and Rock ‘n’ Rollers at heart, onboard their space vehicle, they develop the algorithms of their repertoire. 

Sebastian Parris (Guitars-Vocals-Songwriter) grew up near Dartford (Kent UK). In 1992 Sebastian moved to Paris and recorded the debut album of his band, Bikini. The album was recorded in the Studios de La Grande Armée (Paris). The band’s manager was Marc Barrière who was also Trust and Indochine’s manager. The band was soon on a French and European tour. Sebastian has formed other bands during his career such as The Inflicts, No Name and Karmasonik, and has released several LP’s on independent labels. Late 2017 with KC Elstun and Ali Lassab Sebastian started up SPACEJAM.

Ali Lassab (Bass/Backing Vocals) was Born in Marseille, (France). He grew up in Grenoble, and discovered music as a teenager, first taking up the drums then moving on to the guitar. After discovering the bass he became involved in several projects and soon moved to become professional. Since 1990 Ali has played with many well-known French and international artists. He has appeared on the largest stages both in France and abroad, and is comfortable playing in various musical styles ranging from rock to latino. Ali has appeared on sixteen albums and has played with such bands as Ke Onda, Glasgoow, Trez, Dream about Alice, Requiem of Sylvia, and The Mahmoud Dupont Group.

KC Elstun (Drums/Vocals) native of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Started playing drums at the age of 8 and his first band at the age of 13. KC formed the highly successful Cincinnati Slim and the Headhunters. From the early 80’s the band toured regionally in the US for almost 20 years, recorded an album for MoPro Records, and was the opening act for numerous artists including BB King, Bobby Bland, The Fabulous Thunderbirds… He appeared on stage with blues legends such as Bo Diddley, The Legendary Blues Band, and Lonnie Mack.


How did you guys start out?

I first met KC – our drummer – in late 2017. We had another bassist then, but he wasn’t fit for the job and we had to get rid of him. 2 months later, after auditioning a bunch of bass players Ali fitted in perfectly. We then started to work properly as a power trio rehearsing 4 to 5 days a week.  


Describe your band’s sound

It’s a mix of punk, pop, 80s new wave, and Rock.


What influences your craft?

It’s very personal, mostly it’s how I cope with life in general, personal experiences…. It’s all about love and hate and human feelings and stupid things like that I guess. You’ll have to find out by yourself I’m afraid!


What makes your project different?

We are simply different, because each human being is different from his fellow man. Because we have more than 30 years of experience in our craft, we have experienced so many things – good and bad. My understanding of the world is different from yours. Our project aims to take you with us to a planet that only we know.


When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

Stay Aliveit’s a song about love, hope, freedom and starting over or the song I Hate You So which is a nice little love song!


What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

Having to deal with an alcoholic manager for two years it was hell. I do recommend bands to try that! 


What has been the biggest highlight in your career so far?

Recording our latest album with Clive Martin record producer for Queen, Bowie, The Cure, Sting… We recorded, mixed and mastered the entire album in 14 days with Clive on an analogic console. Working with Clive was one of my greatest experiences so far. Clive is such a great sound engineer and producer and also a truly kind guy. 


How bright is the future of your band – what are the plans?

The future of our band is brighter than the brightest sun! We have lots of plans to come such as recording and playing shows, touring the world. With our record label – The Animal Farm Music – we’re thinking of starting a series of online gigs, like a monthly residency with a four artist bill. We’ll do it via Zoom, have everyone do a song at a time with a little banter in between songs and then go around again. It’s going to be quite social, centred around the artists talking to one another, as opposed to just playing songs. Technically, it will be a live recording, but not a live broadcast. We’ll edit the video a little, and make shorter versions of it for the various social media channels. The Label’s CEO – Ville Leppanen – has plenty of great ideas and has been doing a great job since lockdown started. He’s a great human being and we love him.


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as an extraterrestrial spider who came from Mars to blow your mind. But If you like it better you can forget me I wouldn’t bother less!


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