Introduce us to your band!

We are a new Alternative/Pop band from the UK. Currently a 3 piece project with two lead singers/guitarists: Jason Stewart and J.R Campbell, accompanied by Liam Browne (bass/synth).


How did you guys start out?

It started around April last year and we’ve been writing music together since then. At first—it was something that just developed naturally. J.R and Jason started the project and then during this period met Liam. Taking a year out to brand the project, and really focus on doing something original, we brought an amazing new dynamic in terms of the electronic aspect.


Describe your band’s sound.

Our songs exist in a stylised sense of escapism – having memorable melodies, dream-like chords and sampled sounds and drum beats. Our music also features laid back verses with catchy pop-influenced choruses — mimicking an emotional sense of back and forth in our lyrical content.


What influences your craft?

We have such a wide range of influences. It’s easy sometimes to say our obvious ones would be from the 2000s pop rock era, but actually there are bits of inspiration and sounds that are so unusual (in connection with our band) that inspire the smallest (to biggest) of decisions in our music. Couldn’t ever put it down to one sound/artist that inspires us the most and I think the likes of our new single – Honesty – and the track to come after it are great examples of that. 

Honesty started from piano with its vocal work for lyrics and melody tied up quickly after that. Having a soft chilled/soulful thing happening that was inspired by the likes of Jack Garratt and how he incorporates piano into his sound — adding in with his samples as he plays, then looped guitar playing. Just an insane amount of talent there, so I guess you could say he inspired the song in a more piano based direction for sure. At the point of taking that concept into the demo stage of things — there was a heavy inspiration for looking back at Kanye Wests ‘808s & Heartbreaks’ album, throwing heartbeat percussion sounds, soft snares and low sub kicks that you’d find in songs like of: Love Lockdown; Heartless; and Welcome to Heartbreak. To add to list of influences — our next one (to be released after Honesty) really wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for The Weeknd’s Trilogy album and Childish Gambinos Because The Internet album. Just having such a love for those albums and how ambient and unusual they are, really set things in motion. 

Not to mention the artists like those that affect us as a whole. Artists who have completely changed the direction of chart music in one release: The 1975 and Billie Eilish to add to that. Influencing a whole movement—upsetting predictably comfy chart layouts everywhere, and shaping the industry with people (artist/bands/labels) that will be trying to follow behind their releases for years to come. 


What makes your project different?

We want to raise awareness and highlight issues that we struggle with. We want to write about scenarios that can tell our own struggles as individuals and hope it can relate to others and help tell a story for them in their own lives. If something can at least be said through music, it deserves to be speaking volumes for the one listening.


When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

Definitely Honesty. It’s easily being our best written work so far. It’s about a relationship and how it’s never a perfect thing. Think that’s what this track shows for both sides — with being persuasive in one verse and then very dismissive in the next. Not being forthright and judging actions, even though what we’re doing is just as bad. There’s such a vulnerability to that and the hardest thing in that situation is showing that to the other person.

What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

Might have to say it’s currently right now with Covid-19. We have our own personal fights with going on and doing our best to see through things but as a band — we’ve not come across anything that’s put a stop to things as quickly as this, and having us do what we can with the situation we have. As much as the release for Honesty was exciting to finally have out and the current reaction has been such an uplift—we needed to put so much into this, along with the worry (from the beginning of this) on whether releasing it during this time is a good thing or an up-hill battle. 


What has been the biggest highlight in your career so far?

Our live experience (so far) has actually come from us being in individual bands before MDOF EYES. We’ve collectively done things like: playing the main stage at ‘O2 ABC’; playing the ‘Tbreak’ stage at ’T in the Park’; touring the Glasgow circuit (Classic Grand, Barrowlands and The Arches) — supporting the likes of: Fatherson; King Charles; Saint Motel. Going further down south of the UK to support Hadouken and Devlin in Newcastle — along with having the chance to play in the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield. We’ve had some really great moments through all of this and we have no doubt that we’re going to have even more great moments real soon.

With the amount of places that we’ve had the privilege of playing — there have definitely been incredible moments with the big events and smaller ones. The main stage at the O2 ABC was really great, the place was packed, crowd roaring and the sound on stage was perfect. 

But to contrast that — there was a smaller upstairs venue set up for Kilmarnock’s ‘Dirty Weekender’ lineup, where there were people sitting on amps, band members having to have one foot on the kick drum of the kit (to stop it from moving forward) and the floor was dipping when people jumped — that was easily up there with the O2 as an amazing night, can truly get amazing moments from wherever you’re playing.


How bright is the future of your band – what are the plans?

It’s Looking good so far. We currently have more songs than we know what to do with. Releasing Honesty and also another single (that we can’t go too much into at the moment) is our main objective. We are also going back into the studio in a few months time to record two more songs. We hope to get our first two music videos for these new tracks and look back to our current catalog of demos for a possible (Part 1 & 2) EP.


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

Just as a project with music that people can enjoy and are memorable seeing live — giving the listener something in our stuff that’ll relate to their own life. If we can get that right, anything else that comes after those would be a bonus. 


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