‘We’re going to hug each other and all of our friends’ – China Bears detail how they have spent the past few weeks and outline plans for the future. 

Since their formation in 2015, China Bears have grown from hopeful independent musicians to established, heavily-tipped Indie artists. The band have spent the past few years cutting their teeth on the UK touring circuits and built up a sizable following as a result. Now, fresh off the release of latest single – I’m Not Eating Like I Used To – we asked the band a few questions to discuss how these times are affecting musicians and find out a little more about how the landscape of the music industry will look moving forward. 

What have you been listening to recently to ease the boredom of being cooped up?

We’ve been listening to a bunch of different things really. I’ve been spinning lots of new music like The Districts, Pinegrove, Brooke Bentham, Gia Margaret and loads more. We actually made a nice and long playlist that we’ve been adding to!

How have you found the extended period in isolation has impacted your creativity? Have you found it to be a blessing or a curse?

The time has definitely been more of a blessing than a curse. We’ve been working on new songs daily, some of them have been brand new but a lot are songs that never got finished so it’s been nice to come at them again with fresh ears. Some days are more productive than others and it can be a struggle to write about our lives when the daily routine is quite similar but we’re making the most of it and trying to be as productive as we can!

Have you taken to any social media platforms to deliver live performances during this time? If so, how did you find the reception?

Yeah, we have! It was a bit weird at first but we’ve gotten used to it and we are really enjoying them. We’re trying to learn a cover each time which has also been a new challenge as we never normally do that but it’s been really fun. Feels like the new touring for a while!

Do you think this time will see a rise in ‘DIY’ musicians stepping into the spotlight? Do you think this is a good thing for the industry? 

I think every part of the industry is trying to adapt to the climate we’ve found ourselves in. A lot of our friends have been doing wonderful things by releasing demo versions of either old or new songs and playing acoustic sets to help raise money for various charities and venues. So I’m seeing a lot of support and appreciation for each other and the wider industry which is always a good thing.

How do you think this period will shape the music landscape for the years to come?

It’s really hard to tell at the moment, hopefully, we don’t lose any grassroots venues, pubs, centres so new bands can have a place to nourish and grow when all this blows over. What’s great to see though is how people are appreciating music and missing live music in these times. 

What is the first thing you are going to do when this is all over?

We’re going to hug each other and all of our friends.

Have you got a message for any of your fans that might be reading this? Any means by which they can support yourselves/the band at this time?

Keep safe and stay home! If you can spare any cash during these times, then there are plenty of places that need support.


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