Following the release of Columbus’ second LP – A Hot Take on Heartbreak in May 2018, the band have shown glimpses that their more recent music could pay homage to the adored, infectious offerings of earlier efforts Spring Forever and Home Remedy. The Brisbanian 3-piece burst onto the scene in 2015 with a handful of exuberant tunes that grabbed the attention of the alternative sphere and established the band as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists. Following a lineup shift, the band have since matured in terms of sound and lyrical content. Can’t Hide From What Hurts, which arrived towards the close of 2019, laid down the gauntlet for the direction the band could take next and now, fresh off the release of single Out of Time, it feels as though those suspicions have been confirmed.


Immediately, the familiarly pained and elongated vocals of Alex Moses are earthy and pay tribute to the sound the band cut their teeth with on their impressive debut Spring Forever. As the song progresses, his voice continually soars from melodic, dulcet moments to the brink of raspy detonation – a balance that fans of the band sorely missed on A Hot Take on Heartbreak. The song, as a whole, is very diverse and doesn’t follow the traditional verse/chorus/verse blueprint. The track develops with the intrigue of the listener, and it makes for exciting listening as it shifts through the gears – something that aptly contrasts the message of the lyrics. Moses and co. use this platform to discuss the impending realisation that our time on earth is numbing and drawing to its conclusion faster with every day that passes.

The worry is shortening my life
I’m running out of time

Out of Time, much like Can’t Hide From What Hurts, is Columbus back to their best. Catchy, exciting and honest, this song feels to be another feather in the cap of the band who felt to lose their true identity for a short time. While A Hot Take On Heartbreak provided fans with some banging tunes, the return of these angsty anecdotes, that titter on the verge of destruction at any given moment, offer very welcome listening. Fingers crossed that another exemplary record could be on the way soon.

4/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite

Listen to Out of Time now:

Columbus Out of Time

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