London-based quintet Chapter and Verse deliver the goods with new EP LOVE & ERROR, continuing to live out their inevitable rise to success…

Since seeing them support Press to Meco during their incredible 2019 UK tour, I’ve kept a keen eye on Chapter and Verse and have remained positively prepped for new releases. These expectations have recently been met with the release of the band’s latest EP, LOVE & ERROR.

Last September, the London lads teased us with the release of Bad Blood, a punchy track with a compelling guitar riff and the celestially attacking vocals of Josh Carter, promising a ‘new era’. It seems appropriate then, that this track opens the new EP, kicking things off with vast amounts of energy. This buzz is maintained into Beauty Sleep with hints of synth and electro which complement the heavy backbeat and grungy guitar riffs throughout. Lyrically, this is one of the best songs on the album, reminiscing of past romance while somehow looking back with affection on a relationship which has since become “nothing but a story that I told”. The closing of this track marks the mid-way point on the EP, leading into the initially hard-hitting pop epic Always. For me, this track doesn’t quite uphold the high standard of the rest of the album but does retain the feel of the band and delivers some powerful crescendos.

Continuing with the story that this EP tells, track four comes in the form of Sweet Time.
Again, Carter’s unmistakable soaring vocals perfectly accent the to-and-fro of the bass and drums, thereby creating possibly the catchiest chorus of LOVE & ERROR as a whole. Where We’ve Been closes proceedings and ends this new release in true Chapter and Verse style, with lots of passion, buckets of soul and an insane guitar solo for good measure. LOVE & ERROR does everything a good EP should. It not only builds upon the band’s previous triumphs but also gives huge promise towards an even bigger and better future. Having seen Chapter and Verse live, I can confirm they would look suitably comfortable performing a main stage festival slot and with the release of this EP, I do not doubt that this is something they are very capable of achieving. Be sure to keep an eye on their forthcoming projects.

4/5 Bytes

Fraser Wakeling

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