‘It can’t rain all the time’ – Prey Drive return with imaginative new offering, Shinjuku

Armed with new music for the first time since 2018, Prey Drive return with a sonic offering to help ease the monotony of lockdown in the form of their latest single, Shinjuku. Riding high off the success of the release of their first LP, Once More With Feeling, in late 2018 the band have won fans over with their wistful sound rooted in the soaring vocals and layered guitar riffs. An idea born off the back of lead singer Brad Smith’s trip to the district of Tokyo, the track is the latest addition to the band’s ever-diversifying discography.

Everyone I love will leave me too.

The song bounces into life as Steve Larke’s searching guitar riff starts to build a distant atmosphere that sets the scene for the arrival of Smith’s soft, longing vocals. Cries of “I keep spinning around, while you walk in a straight line” in the pre-chorus bridges the sparsely decorated verses and the punchy chorus, which offers some much-anticipated diversity by the time it arrives for the first time.  The chorus’ flagship lyric, “it can’t rain here all the time”, implies that there is hope, even when the world surrounds you with overwhelming, false positivity – furthered as the song shifts through its chorus and makes reference to Shinjuku’s famous neon lights.


Shinjuku is an apt depiction of an individual being swallowed by people moving on around them faster than they would like. In essence, this track is an ode to inadequacy and envy in a world dominated by people flaunting their successes in the social media space. This song proves, just like the LP that preceded it, that the future of Prey Drives looks to be very bright and it feels as though they are one major support slot, or a few mainstream radio plays, away from stepping firmly into the spotlight.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite

Listen to Shinjuku:


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