Introduce us to your band!

  Hi! We are IMPVLSE and we are five guys from a city called Nuremberg, Germany. Our band was founded in 2015 and we describe our genre as Progressive Metalcore. We just released our debut EP Vice Versa and are super stoked for this interview!


How did you guys start out?

 Everything started off with Jason (Lead Guitar) scrolling through a comment section under a 9gag post and he randomly stumbled over a funny comment. This comment was posted by Marcel (Bass) and just out of curiosity Jason found out that Marcel was also obsessed with heavy music and coincidentally lived around the area. After contacting Marcel and sharing the desire to form a band, they went looking for other members to complete the formation. A couple of months later we found Dave (Drums) in a Facebook group looking to join a band and Tom (Rhythm Guitar) who went to the same school as Marcel. In September 2015, we all finally met in a rehearsal room of a friend to jam for the first time. After just playing as an instrumental band in our rehearsal until 2017 we decided to look for a vocalist and shot a music video for our song Curious Minds to attract a fitting voice. After a couple of different auditions with singers Chris (Vocals) came along and we felt that he was the right fit for our songs.


Describe your band’s sound

Our music draws inspiration from many different genres but can overall be summed up as Progressive Metalcore. We try to connect ambient and cinematic ingredients with progressive elements to finally put it into a Metalcore context. 


What influences your craft?

We are influenced by everything that is happening in our lives. It’s hard to point out the specific people and events that trigger our creativity or leads us to express ourselves through our music. It’s definitely a subconscious thing. We think life as a whole is an inspiration, every decision is the result of how we process that what we have experienced. So, there are a lot of emotions, good and bad, that would have to be mentioned when we talk about influences. Of course, there are some special topics in politics or in society that we would like to change, you will find addressed between the lines of our lyrics.


What makes your project different?

We think our musical variety is what makes us different. Every song, we feel like, brings something different to the table, musically and emotionally. 


When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

It’s hard to point out a single song as every tune has its own character and vibe but people seem to connect with Constellations the most. It is also the favourite song of some of us in the band as it serves as the point of departure for the overall mood and lyrical concept of our EP, Vice Versa.


What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

Finding the right singer was probably the toughest part. As already mentioned, the band started off as an instrumental four-piece and during this time we already developed our sound, vision, and our mindset to make no compromises when it comes to the quality of our music. Therefore, it was quite a struggle to find a person that would fit our already established sound and at the same time someone that would bring the determination to take this project seriously. It took us over a year and many auditions to finally stumble over the perfect singer for us, which we think is Chris. 


What has been the biggest highlight in your career so far?

The biggest highlights in our short history have been winning two local contests. Because of them, we had the chance to play a small tour in Russia in October last year, which was an incredible experience for us as a band. The Russian gigs were our first concerts in another country and were so much fun. It’s still satisfying thinking about them because everything worked out perfectly there and we made so many new friends in the course of a couple of days. Winning the other contest made it possible for us to get a slot on the “Rock im Park” Festival 2020 in Nuremberg, which will be our biggest show so far and we are super stoked for that. It’s our chance to gain some experience in playing high-profile music festivals and of course maybe a chance to meet some of our idols backstage. 


How bright is the future of your band – what are the plans?

In the future, we plan to write more music, play more shows and continue to build our fan and listener base. It’s hard to predict how the future will pan out as things always come differently as expected, especially in the early stages of a band. I think our biggest dream is making the band our full-time jobs one day, even though this goal is still very far away, we are all working to make this wish come true – maybe one day.


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

It would be great to be remembered in the first place! All jokes aside, we hope that we will be remembered as a band that had a positive impact on the people that somehow stumbled over our music or saw us at a show. We hope that we can help people to shut off whatever is happening in their lives for a couple of minutes while they are listening to our music – to give them a break. But we also want to entertain the people that are just looking for some music to listen to while they are doing something around the house or are on their daily commute to school/work. We just want to give the people whatever they are looking for in music.




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