Introduce us to your band!

We’re not your typical teenage band – we do it right. With surging bass and explosive vocals rooted in power drums; the female-fronted rock band will leave you waiting for more. 


How did you guys start out?

Believe it or not, the host of the ‘Rock N Worship Festival’ in Dalton MA, walked up to me (Meredith… the gal with green hair!) whilst I was playing electric guitar for my church’s youth band – needless to say, it was a less-than-stellar performance. For some unknown reason, he was like “hey! I want you to come play!” 

So, I went. I had just turned 14. There were all ages and genres at the Rock N Worship Fest; from metal to reggae to gospel. Something clicked. These people were like me! I asked my younger brother (who was, and still is, a rockin’ drummer) on the 4-hour ride home to start a band, and he said yes! We met bassist Ian through mutual friends: truthfully, he literally fell (he claims to have jumped) out of a tree, but I guess there’s worse ways to meet people!)

We played under the banner Undefeated for the first time August 5th, 2017 on the lawn of a bookstore. 


Describe your band’s sound.

Booming bass, war-like drums and a lil bit o’ glitter. We’re not afraid to tackle a Lacey Sturm or Lauren Daigle cover. We started with a classic contemporary sound, but that didn’t satisfy us. Bringing in our metalhead drummer brought a whole lot of fun. Now our sets include hard rock/metal with the occasional ballad. 


What influences your craft?

In Ian’s words: literally everything influences us. Whether it’s something good, or even if it’s bad. 

Everyone needs a place to just be themselves. We learned the value of this by watching how others made us feel. Acceptance is refreshing. That’s what drives us, we want people to walk away feeling refreshed by our music.


What makes your project different? 

We play a wide range of music. We do ballads. We do metal. Yeah, there’s even a song that borders on country (I said borders on…). We MIGHT dip into a little screamo.


When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

Shadows. It’s the only one out so far. We’re releasing a ballad – titled Where Are You – in the coming months, to be followed by our first EP by the end of the year! 


What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

Stereotypes. We’re all followers of Jesus, and that comes with a myriad of stereotypes and expectations. People are what they are. Our music is our music, and it reflects how we see the world; like anyone’s music. 


What has been the biggest highlight in your career so far?

Meredith’s hair… because it’s highlighter green… get it? Hair aside, the Kindred Awards. We were recently nominated for the “New Group” award.


How bright is the future of your band – what are the plans?

Any endeavor takes perseverance and humility. You have to pick yourself up and keep going sometimes. We have more and more venues calling to say that they want to ramp-up their music scene with wider, trendier genres. That’s exciting! We’ve started bringing in other bands to team up with for our shows. It promotes music, and gives the audience more to love!


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered? 

That people walked out knowing they have a place they can be themselves and that they’re worth more.         


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