Open and thoughtful, Indigo’s Fly Away sounds like the backing track to a daydream and is bound to have a message in there for everyone.

Fly Away is the latest single from the London-based alternative four-piece Indigo, and considering how much I enjoyed the whimsical, out-of-this worldly experience of Guadeloupe, the last single I reviewed from the band, I was more than ready to give this one a go. With their range of musical influences from Kanye West to Ahmad Jamal, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get, but I promise you it doesn’t disappoint.

We open on what sounds like a videotape being rewound as Indigo take us back to the beginning, a sound that makes me think of vintage tapes and summertime coming of age movies. It builds momentum for the journey we’re about to start and for what’s to happen and, when it finally does come, I’m struck by how light everything is. Each and every element of the track is exceptionally gentle, from the distant thumping bass line to the softly strumming guitars, to the chorus of backing vocals who’s constant ahh-ing lift the song to an almost heavenly level. The lead vocals too are soft and melodic, and I feel like I’m listening to it all being carried on the breeze from somewhere far, far away.

While it can be easy to let the soothing melodies of Fly Away pass over you without taking time to properly listen to the lyrics, I really encourage that you do tune in, because it’s scattered with gems. The imagery of “so could you be tonight doused in alley lights” feels like it would be at home on the pages of a poetry book, while the contradictions in “breathlessly revived and confined in open space” make the track even more abstract. “See the world through your heart and fly away” is one of the lasting lines in my memory, and to me, it means choosing your heart over your head; choosing kindness, understanding, and empathy in the way you approach the world. Is this what Indigo was going for? I don’t know, but that’s the beauty of music that’s as open as theirs is: there are messages for everyone, and a thousand different meanings.

Fly Away is sweet and thoughtful. It sounds like the backing track to a daydream, and it certainly has been the backing track to my daily life for quite a few days now. It’s laid-back, and I suggest sticking it into all your chill playlists for the upcoming summer. Oh, and definitely go and check out Indigo’s other work, like their 2019 EP that’s creatively named Please Sign Us To Your Label – it’s a good one!

4/5 Bytes

Celia Moon

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