Leddra Chapman tackles some of life’s most painful experiences in her brilliant but tragic new single Ghosts

Leddra Chapman is an emerging English artist whose new single Ghosts deals with the insanely difficult topic of death and grief. This tragically beautiful ballad, written by the singer after the passing of her father earlier this year, deals with the loss of innocence and faith in the face of heartbreak and displays the tremendous level of complete talent in this up-and-coming artist.

Ghosts is emotionally charged throughout, and Leddra’s graceful soprano voice echoes poignantly over this piano-led track as a powerful cello accompaniment plays in the background, creating a heartfelt melody that stays on your mind. Ghosts feels incredibly vulnerable and sounds like the soul at its most open, its most raw, and we are taken along a journey from a childlike vision of magical ghosts at the song’s opening towards a more adult version at the end. In the song’s opening Leddra evokes the images of ghosts that are “invisible” and can “walk through walls” and describes the comforting feeling those thoughts bring, and how they used to make her feel like “someone lost is always close”. This is a touching image, and one recognisable to a great many people: it is childlike wonder at its greatest. However as the song draws on Leddra displays how this loss in her life has affected her and, in a heart-wrenching turn, sings “I don’t feel any spirits with me in my home, no visits from the ones I miss the most”. Her voice, and the pain behind it, are clear and ever so real. You can hear when her voice begins to break, and every breath she takes as the song draws to its close. It makes it feel personal, close, like her voice is coming from somewhere just beside you. Ghosts finishes on the simple yet powerful line “so I don’t believe in God anymore”, signifying the final loss of faith at the end of the journey and bringing this stunning single to a close.

Despite still being a relatively emerging artist, Leddra already has a very impressive record of achievements under her belt. She has performed on Ed Sheeran’s + album as well as the Songs I Wrote With Amy EP, and in the past has supported Sir Tom Jones live, and with a voice like this, I’m sure that this next year will bring a lot more wonders her way.

If you would like to check out more about Leddra, or are just a fan of this single, then we highly recommend catching Leddra at the Jazz Cafe in Camden on March 17th 20202. This will be the first date of her Ten Years of Telling Tales Tour – it’s sure to be a good one.


4/5 Bytes

Celia Moon

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