Noah Kahan brings beautiful melodies, humour and wit to London as he plays to a sold-out Scala.

From Vermont; Canada, Noah Kahan was picked up at 17 when a “dude from the internet” flew him to LA to record his track Sink. It was then played to a label, and he was signed in 2017.

Noah Kahan today is a far cry from the 21-year-old boy I saw play to a 150 capacity venue in Soho in 2017. He has maintained his undeniable talent but grown some hilarious wit which has replaced the nervousness of before. He plays seamlessly through his first album Busyhead to a sold-out crowd and throws in a few curveballs. It’s also worth mentioning that this is the first artist I’ve seen come on stage with a reusable water bottle instead of plastic, major props.

Now onto the setlist…

Passenger is performed with a country twang, followed by glorious harmonies in Come Down. Noah manages to sound angelic while maintaining a ruggedness to his voice which is particularly prevalent during the emotive parts of his songs. It’s a voice you wouldn’t expect. False Confidence starts with a twiddly guitar and picks up with rapid drums. It’s the first of his up-tempo songs and the crowd respond with energy.

Naturally, Noah brings the mood back down with an acoustic version of Busyhead, the title track from his album. He admits he doesn’t like to play it in fear of messing up but brings it out for special occasions. He then covers King Princess’ 1950 and my god. His voice is strong. The band rejoins, and Noah vamps up his self-proclaimed sex appeal by switching to a piano for Save Me. He struts around the stage seductively, microphone in hand. By the end of the track, he’s thrown his jacket into the crowd and shown everyone his bedroom eyes. 10/10 for effort.

18-year-old singer Luz Corrigan comes out to perform Hurt Somebody with Noah. He discovered her online after she covered one of his songs, and she has a stunning voice on her. So effortlessly beautiful.

Carlo’s Song was written for Noah’s friend, who sadly passed away. Noah mentions how he plays the song in cool places as homage. It’s goosebump evoking. After an encore, the set ends on Young Blood – the song that started it all.

While Noah was in London, he had his first roast and admitted he was disappointed. I hope this doesn’t stop him coming back. London needs his sarcastic humour, swishy hair and uplifting (albeit slightly depressing) music.

4/5 Bytes

Sadie Thompson

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