Little Comets charm a crowd of adoring fans with sweet-sounding melodies at London’s Scala.

I hate to be one of those people who say “they don’t make them like this any more” but they really don’t. I haven’t seen a recent indie band around that match these gentle guys from Newcastle. They are feel-good and 100% wholesome. As each song starts, you can see faces light up as jingly guitar riffs bring back memories of youth and summer car journeys. They are an indie classic.

This is their 4th time playing Scala, and you can tell. Little Comets have been gigging UK venues since 2009 and know how to pull together a transitional setlist. They wiggle in a few lesser-known songs amongst their hits but still keep the crowd on a high. Joanna was my highlight. It was the song that got me into the band when it was released as an iTunes free track (who remembers that?). It starts off with just one guitar that slowly builds up into a raging chorus, and my heart could burst with nostalgia.


À bientôt brought a new atmosphere with a heavier sound fuelled by hectic lights. From their latest 2017 album, it’s a fresh change from their usual poppy tracks and breaks up the set nicely. Dancing Song is made for a live audience with an upbeat tempo and bursts of melody. It turned quite a chill crowd into a rowdy bunch with all hands in the air jumping to “this one’s for dancing!”. The band come back out for an unplanned encore, and there is speculation as to what they will end on. I hear shouts for Bayonne, but Tricolour starts and the crowd is just as pleased.

In an attempt to release vinyl versions of their first album In Search Of Elusive Little Comets, the guys went back to their label. They didn’t get a response, so went ahead and re-recorded it themselves. Lead singer Robert recounts how this was an emotional project, revisiting songs they haven’t touched in 10 years.

I think these guys will tour for as long as we make it possible so grab yourself a ticket and for god’s sake pre-order that special edition vinyl.

4/5 Bytes

Sadie Thompson

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