MaRRius’ Back to Strangers is an indie synth-pop classic that’s sure to make its way onto all of our playlists this coming season.

The name MaRRius might ring a bell. He’s a London-based singer-songwriter who has been on the rise for a little while now, supporting the likes of Alt-J in the past, and is quickly making a name for himself. His new single Back to Strangers tells the story of the aftermath of a destructive relationship, and it’s an indie synth-pop classic that’s sure to make its way onto all of our playlists this coming season.

The first thing I notice about Back to Strangers is the sweet, soulful voice of MaRRius. It’s deep and pure, and this paired with the smooth, laid-back synth sounds and rhythmic beat leads you to forget where you are and how much time has passed. I’ve sat with this song on repeat and it’s hard to say where it begins or ends. It’s soothing to listen to, with a chilled out swagger that compliments MaRRius’ cool demeanour flawlessly.

Certain lines hit deep as well. The repeated “I’ll keep changing, you won’t know me” reminds me of the need to heal and grow after a destructive relationship comes to an end, and to become such a different person that your ex wouldn’t even recognise you anymore. Another line that sticks in my memory is “let’s go back to strangers because I hate how you know me” which captures the vulnerability of being fresh out of a tumultuous relationship and is sure to connect with many listeners.

Overall, this is a relaxing, all-encompassing listen, and MaRRius’ confident swing seals the deal and makes Back to Strangers a really great track. It is also the second pre-release track from his upcoming EP, so if you liked the sound of this I’d strongly recommend you also check out the previous release Borrowed Time. MaRRius will also be performing a headline show at London’s The Waiting Room for which tickets are still available, so go give him some love!

4/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon

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