Bear Witness arrive with a brand new track and music video, Tokoyo’s Ruin, ready to introduce us to their stirring and adventurous new concept.

Bear Witness are the exciting new alt-rock duo from Birmingham to look out for. Their debut EP Dreams of Fame was released last year and since then they’ve been described as having elements that sound like Nothing But Thieves, Linkin Park, and more-recent Bring Me The Horizon, so with that my expectations for their new single, Tokyo’s Ruin, were pretty high.

The opening of this single doesn’t sound like alt-rock, it sounds like a lullaby, and it does not prepare you for the heaviness to come, so when you’re suddenly hit by the power of the drums and electric guitar 30 seconds in, it feels like you’re been thrown in headfirst. It’s a wonderful transition between the two levels of the track, and part of the reason I’m so drawn to Tokyo’s Ruin. The chorus holds such authority: it’s bold and loud, and the lead’s crooning voice lingers on the longer notes and hangs in your memory, interspersed with moments of quiet and calm. There are times when it is the vocals that take precedence, and other’s when it’s the instruments that hold centre stage, but the balance between the two is as close to perfect as you can get, with neither part feeling like it overpowers the other. They both have time to shine.

Tokyo’s Ruin also comes paired with a music video and, trust me, it takes you on a journey. It opens on the two band members standing in a desolate landscape, with a white sky and jutting rocks, and this bleak and natural image soon becomes contrasted with the special effects of the video. Throughout, there are cartoonish elements that remind me of a superhero comic or a manga, and the action is certainly on par with that as well. Bear Witness’ music video take you on an unexpected journey, following through twists and turns as their story unfolds, and paired with the track as well it feels like the most epic theme music for this short action flick.

Tokyo’s Ruin lets the imagination run wild. It certainly is a cinematic rock song and it demonstrates Bear Witness’ talent for creating both stirring music and adventurous concepts. The band are still fairly new, so definitely go check them out, and make sure to also have a listen to their brand new EP DAWN which is out now!

4/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon

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