Congratulations on the completion of your debut record, Guided. What emotions come along with releasing your music out to the world?

Thank you! Its a mix of ecstatic and nervous, all good though. We are so excited to see what people think of how we have developed. The positive responses we had to our two singles Twelve and Ocean Air have been beyond our expectations.

Thematically, what are the ideologies behind your craft – would you say that you have a story to tell?

We stand by the mantra of “Aggressive Music For Positive People” we show this in the music we write and our live show. There is so much negativity in our music scene at the moment and we aim to be part of a movement that hopefully alters this. (I always ask the crowd to smile at our shows when we play)

There is so much to be thankful for and when you work hard, there is nothing you cant achieve (Talent also helps haha) and that thematically is something we have a lot to say about. As well lyrically we talk about subjects that have negatively affected us, but rather than dwelling on these and letting them consume us we are still here fighting and living and this is the message we wish to spread.

What fuels, influences and inspires your creative process?

Bands we have toured with, music we listen to, our day to day, I couldn’t pin down specifics. The whole creative process has the 5 of us involved whole completely. It can be chaotic, but I feel it’s how we have worked so well together.

What makes Confessions Of A Traitor stand out from the crowd?

The energy you hear on the record is translated to our live show 10x over, it’s never what you expect. Every show is different, but every show whether we are playing in front of 3 or 3000 people you know we will give you 100% with smiles on our faces the whole time.

When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

Personally, I would say “Twelve” and “Myra” musically the are a blend of the melodic metalcore we have begun to make our own. Lyrically they deal with real emotional moments in our lives shrouded by sadness. But champion the fight through it and belief and faith to keep pushing forward through the toughest of times.

What has been the best highlight in your career so far?

There are a huge amount of highlights I can think of things like supporting Architects in Eastern Europe, Headlining a festival in Kyiv in May 2019 to a sold-out crowd. But I think we can all agree on meeting the amazing people that come to our shows – we have friends who we can call family all over the world.

Main Promo Photo.jpg

What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

Trying to get everyone to practice on a regular basis with full-time jobs… No, I joke.

How close we have been to broke from pumping all our earnings into our music equipment and great recordings to see airline companies snap our guitar neck and trash our wireless systems, taking no responsibility for it either is heartbreaking. Financially it’s crippling and emotionally draining.

How bright is the future of Confessions Of A Traitor – what are the plans?

As bright as we make it, we are working with some amazing people to book tours, With the release of the album its opened up so many doors, it’s just which one to walk through. Our manager and label have been nothing but amazing for us so far. We will keep pushing to be the best we can.

When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

As the band that made you smile when there was nothing left to be happy about.




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