No Show demands that if you don’t know SOEUR are yet, you need to find out.

After almost a year out of the spotlight, SOEUR are ready to take centre-stage once more with their latest EP, No Show. As a three-piece, the band’s sound merges pop influences with grunge and math, to produce music that is utterly unique within the UK scene. On top of this, the trio have also coined their craft by producing their efforts entirely themselves – impressive right? The band have been touring relentlessly between their releases and as I was lucky to catch them towards the close of last year in Norwich, I could not wait to see what the Bristolians have in store for us with this EP.
No Show kicks things off and immediately highlights the band’s grungy underbelly. With the soaring verses and catchy chorus, this song is a fantastic showcase for how well the vocals of Anya Pulver and Tina Maynard blend together. This song is a great start to the EP and really makes the statement that SOEUR means business. Do What I Want comes next and offers something completely different. The song is guided by a simple riff and rhythmic vocals that allow the track to work through its paces effortlessly. What’s more, the key that this song is written in makes it sound very Halloween-ish – an interesting addition, that definitely makes it stand out.

Better is much more gentle than its two predecessors and it is a nice rest bite in the lineage of the EP. It is soft and welcoming thanks to the melodic vocals on offer from the two singers. For me, this song stands out because of its message: it focussed on the frustrations of straining relationship with people who think differently to you – a message that I think everyone can relate to. The vocals do a great job in depicting this and go one step further in producing complex layers in the next song Don’t, where both vocalists use their talents to tell different sides of a story.
The EP is brought to a close by another gentle number, For You. It has a soft and almost hypnotic quality that makes you want to listen on forever. Moreover, because of its cyclical nature, this gives by Pulver and Maynard the chance to show off the sheer quality of their voices one last time.
All in all, this EP is a solid effort and furthers SOEUR’s standing as one of the UK’s hottest up-and-coming bands. As a collection of songs, this EP is a little disjointed – however, it is important to note that each of the tunes on offer are innovative and diverse. No Show does things a little bit differently. If you haven’t heard of SOEUR yet, then I am sure it won’t be long until you do.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Megan Foxen.

Listen to No Show here.

Catch SOEUR on tour:
28/9 Big Day Out Hackney (festival)
*16/10 Jimmy’s Manchester
*17/10 Broadcast Glasgow
*18/10 Sneaky Pete’s Edinburgh
*19/10 Arts Club Loft Liverpool
*24/10 Dingwalls London
*25/10 The Cookie Leicester
*26/10 Record Junkie Sheffield
*Supporting ‘Saint Agnes’

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