Darkness is modern rock ‘n’ roll at its finest and this release confirms that Vulture Vibe are definitely a band to watch.

Vulture Vibe formed in 2016 in Denmark and have last month released their brand new single Darkness, featuring Todd Ögren Brooks from Rival Sons. The release of Darkness also brings with it a dark new music video as well, so let’s dive right in.

Vulture Vibe’s lead singer has such a smooth voice that the second the song kicks off I feel I know it already. It’s as smooth as butter and easy to listen to, and throughout the track he manages to hit every single note perfectly, roaring out even the higher ones with such intensity and force that I’m swept away. He has a voice that commands power, and his range throughout the track is flawless. Darkness also features dominating guitar-driven elements as well: the riffs are heavy-hitting and aggressive, and the 20 seconds or so of guitar from the 2:10 minute mark are so memorable that it takes on a life of its own. The drums too are rough and punky, perfectly complimenting the heaviness of the track.

The line “there’s a darkness coming” is really belted out through the song, and we see this in the music video as well. We’re introduced first to shots of forests and roughly marked crosses over graves, and these are interspersed with shots of the band members dressed all in black with dark shades on. It feels like we’re just warming up when the word “Darkness” is stamped onto our screens in a jarring red and yellow cartoon-like font. It seems out of place over the dark neutrals of the previous shots but I like it: it’s bold, arresting, just like the track behind it. The rest of the video also creates a seamless atmosphere for the fierce listen. There are contrasts between the glum daylight of the forest and industrial areas compared to the more striking colours of the sunset skies, in front of which band members are silhouetted. It’s intense, cool, and edgy. 

Darkness is a single that holds a lot of power, and every element of its construction is just as strong as the other: it wouldn’t work if they weren’t. It’s been flawlessly put together and it sticks in the mind, and with Vulture Vibe citing classical rock influences such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath, it would seem the band have high stakes to work towards, but after hearing Darkness I think they’re well on their way to making a great name for themselves.

5/5 Bytes

Celia Moon

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