You recently dropped a new single Stand Alone and it’s a belter. What emotions come along with releasing your music out to the world?

Georgia: With our releases so far, it’s just been pure excitement! We end up sitting on songs after recording for a while because we want everything behind the scenes to be perfectly set before the song drops, so by the time the song is due to come out, I’m very eager to get it out there!

Ben: It’s great for our creation to finally get out there into the open world, it’s always nice to hear the opinions of people that matter most, our fans. Hearing our song on Radio One will certainly live with me for a lifetime.

Off the back of the change in personnel, to what extent did a line-up change impact the overall dynamic of the band, both positively and negatively?

Georgia: It was a long process to get to where we are line-up wise, we were quiet for almost the whole of last year, whilst lots of conversations were had about what was best for everyone individually before decisions were made. So, the change in line-up was tough when we lost people, but ultimately has been positive because everyone’s best interests are being catered for.

Thematically, what are the ideologies behind your craft – would you say that you have a story to tell?

Georgia: I don’t think we’ve put that much thought into it to be honest! We just love writing, making music, and everything that comes with being in a band! If anything, it tells a story of how we’ve grown as a band and how we’ve developed as musicians, and if anyone who listens to our music finds a story that they can relate to, and/or can use to help them heal in whatever way, that for me is the best thing that could come from it.

Ben: I feel that every good songwriter or lyricist has a story to tell, the best music is written off the back of a moment in life or a feeling that someone has and music is most definitely the best way to really push your feelings out there.

What fuels, influences and inspires your creative process?

Georgia: A personal fuel for me is hearing people sing the words back, I remember watching live videos as a kid and thinking it was the coolest thing anyone could experience. But music in any form is a way to express yourself in whatever way you need, every now and then when we play old songs, I realise how much it actually described how I was feeling at the time and how meanings can regenerate to match current situations and emotions. When me and Libby sit down to think about lyrics, it’s always about what’s been on our minds recently, and how we can get it out. Something I think that fuels all three of us is performing live; there’s such a rush and we’re always thinking about how new songs are going to sound in our set.

Ben: Music, for me personally, is therapy. Living with Bipolar is hella tough, and music is my freedom, it’s all I’ve wanted to do since I first picked up a pair of drumsticks. There is absolutely no better feeling than playing drums to lots of people who sing back your songs. It’s a proud, wonderful moment that you can never forget. And it’s those moments that inspire me to create more.

What makes Young States stand out from the crowd?

Georgia: I don’t think there are enough bands that are almost/all-female represented in the media, usually when a band gets up on stage or does an interview, there’s usually more males than females. That’s not a negative statement towards men, it’s just that females need more representation in pretty much any field, and I think that because we have more females in our band, it brings a different – but still just as great – energy, which is (hopefully) refreshing for people to see.

Ben: Georgia’s voice and Libby’s songwriting for sure. I’m stupidly lucky to be in a band with these ladies. We’ve got a great connection on stage and definitely show it when we are playing live.

When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

Georgia: Definitely “Stand Alone”! It’s the best song we’ve written, and it’ll be stuck in your head all day! If people still need convincing after that, I think they should check out “Tell A Lie” and “Over It By Now”.

What has been the best highlight in your career so far?

Georgia: Being played on BBC Radio One! Libby and Ben came over for a listening party with my family and it was really special, I think I can say for all of us that we feel it marked a new beginning for the band.


What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

Georgia: As a collective, breaking the stigma that we’re not a good band because we have women in it, has been the biggest challenge. We’ve had people admit to us that they assumed the worst when they saw “girls plodding up on stage” and it’s really hard to hear that sort of stuff as it’s so infuriating. However, when those people then go onto say that we’re “actually good for girls” is good in a way, as it may lead those people to open their minds more. It’s also so important to talk about this stuff as people don’t know it happens otherwise, young people need to grow up without discrimination and prejudice because of being different to a white, cis, straight, man.

Ben: Myself. My brain, anxiety and depression, living with bipolar. It can stop you in your tracks and make things difficult. I’m not afraid of it and I’m not afraid to talk about it. Anyone reading this should feel the same, and they can always reach out to myself if they need someone to talk to. Don’t go through it alone.

How bright is the future of Young States – what are the plans?

Georgia: Guess you’ll have to wait and see… 

When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

Georgia: I want people to look at the band as something they enjoyed in the past and something they can continue to enjoy when it’s over. Music is to be indulged, enjoyed and felt, so if people look back and can put our band to those moments, that’s the best way to be remembered.

Ben: Tough one, never really thought about the end. It’s not in sight so I can’t think about that.




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