Why Do We Love Like This is a tumultuous relationship condensed into a few short and sweet minutes of stripped-back electro-pop – the perfect tune for any playlist.

Effervescent Canadian pop duo Kelly & Gibson have been making music together since April 2017, and since their conception have been described as “Gemini pop” due to the “two voices work[ing] as fraternal twins that mirror, support and split from each other”. Made up of Chris and Nicole, the duo have just released their new single Why Do We Love Like This, which condenses a tumultuous relationship down into a few short minutes of laid-back electro-pop. Let’s take a listen.

Why Do We Love Like This opens on Nicole’s gentle voice asking “why do we love like this?” before clicking fingers begin and drag us into the body of the track. Nicole’s vocals are light and pretty and absolutely the star of the song. I can pick up subtle harmonies on the chorus, and they are very subtle, a kind of blink and you’ll miss them type of thing. They fringe the words of “we both don’t like to be alone, so when we’re not together we fall into the arms of another” so delicately that at first I almost couldn’t pick them up. The harmonies are brief and fleeting, and I actually love that it’s so scarce within the song because it makes those occasional touches even sweeter when they do happen, and draws extra attention to the lines they border on.

The clicking of fingers is breezy, Nicole’s vocals soft, and the repeated questioning of “why do we love like this” laid-back, giving this song a stripped back feeling. On top of this, we also have the lyrics that bring our attention to the tumultuous relationship, and we’re introduced to the less than perfect cycle of these two lovers. They fall apart to get back together, with their ups and downs and argument and make ups, and it feels so real. There is such familiarity in these words, and the message plays at my heartstrings.

Why Do We Love Like This is light and breezy, and if this, like me, is your first taste of the Vancouver-based pop duo then I highly recommend checking out their self-released debut EP Out Of The Dark and recently released single World on Fire. World on Fire is equally dynamic and features far more of Chris’s vocals, and together the pair have created another exciting single.

4/5 Bytes

Celia Moon

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