It’s a busy time for Copenhagen-based instrumental 5-piece The Shaking Sensations. Following a lengthy hiatus, the band are back and firing on all cylinders having recently signed to Pelagic Records. Their new record, How Are We To Fight The Blight is set to drop on 4th October and will be their most ambitious effort to date. To dig deeper into all things TSS and what the future holds, we were lucky enough to pick the band’s brains:

Congratulations on the completion of How Are We To Fight The Blight?. After being on hiatus for a while, how does it feel to finally be back?

Thanks! It feels good to be back, but also it feels like we haven’t really been away for that long as we didn’t shut down the ‘live’ activities before 2015. However, that feeling of finally being back with new material and having accomplished what we think is our best and most ambitious piece of work is overwhelming and also a huge relief. We all feel that we’ve missed something important in our lives, something that is now back!

What emotions come along with releasing your music out to the world?

As the new music came to life, we gradually understood that one of the main driving forces in the process was a common need to react and respond to a world in a very bad and unbearable state. Earlier our music was mainly a result of personal ideas, feelings and themes that somehow could be seen as naive and ‘life as a whole’ related. This record is darker and seeks to embrace much heavier themes and reaches way beyond our everyday problems. Actually, it felt like a huge relief, that something heavy fell off our chests when the first track came out. It’s another world we’re releasing music into than in 2013.

Thematically, what are the ideologies behind your craft – would you say that you have a story to tell?

One of the best things about instrumental music – in our own opinion – is that the listener to some extent is able to create his or her own visions and stories. As mentioned above the world’s bad shape has been a creative source for us which also can be recognized in the album title and the track titles. However, it is important for us to create room, even for the tiniest glimpse of hope – even where there is none – and that could somehow be some kind of morale to tell. We’ve laid out some guiding lights along the long and dark road through the record. It’s up to the listener to choose their own way through it.

What fuels, influences and inspires your creative process?

Love, death and our dying planet. Also fun gear and other bands’ creativity.

What makes The Shaking Sensations stand out from the crowd?

The fact that we (as persons in a band) come from very different backgrounds and with very different musical heritage, has maybe resulted in us being the odd one out. We have one leg in the indie-rock world and sort of fits well with everything remotely alternative and one leg in the post-metal world. It’s really fun as we see those indie kids mix up with dudes in battle vests at our shows. We think our ability to encapsulate lots of different feelings, expressions and inspiration in our music without going 100% in one direction makes us stand out.

When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

Sightings, one of the singles from HAWTFTB might be that track. It has it all really. The build-ups, the crescendos, the loud/quiet/loud thing and the epic ending. A pretty accessible track in our opinion. Rocket Summer from our 2013 release is also a banger!

What has been the best highlight in your career so far?

A few days ago we were aired on Danish national radio for the first time. Actually they played Sightings – not all of it though – but still enough to underline that the radio host actually took an important step and played something completely different. We don’t think a post-rock band ever made it to national radio here before? Maybe Sigur Ros and Mogwai? Besides that our career has been a long wide range of small highlights. The longer tours and all the shows we got to play, all the nice people we’ve met and worked with and then signing with Pelagic. The biggest highlight so far might actually be us getting back together and record this album?

What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

Convincing people that The Shaking Sensations is not the name of a 70’s funk band.

How bright is the future of The Shaking Sensations – what are the plans?

Things are going quite fast these days. It feels like there actually is a demand which has really fired us up. We will be touring a bit for the rest of the year but 2020 will see us go to a lot of places. Huge plans are in the making.

When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

As a band that kept going for the love to the music and the world. Nothing else.


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