Let Man Loose navigate through the complex world of social media in their bold new single Two Way Glass.

The indie-rock four-piece Let Man Loose have released their powerful new single Two Way Glass, a song all about the consequences of this generation’s obsession with creating a picture-perfect life on social media. With this track, they navigate through the complexities of living in a technology-obsessed society, and in a place where our lives are projected for all to see.

As the music video begins, we are quickly tapped in by a quick succession of tambourine beats – immediately I was given the impression that the band was a punky and fun outfit. The opening riff is big, bold and loud, and wastes no time bringing you into their world behind the screen. As you move into the chorus the rhythm quickens and you feel the power of the electric guitars on the track pressing in on you from all sides.

The music video is shot in blue light throughout and it casts everyone in that hue, and shots of the band performing on a small stage are intercut with close-ups of their faces. It’s lively and professional, and on a couple of occasions, the camera lingers on the image of people in the crowd filming their performance. Everything is loud and driven, but precise, and Marc Ainley’s voice is that of a proper rock star.

The first line that catches my attention is “you look like you were born to adorn the lock screen” either a new age compliment or a dubious comment on societies adoration for creating that Insta-perfect life. Either way, it’s effective. Further in, Ainley sings “only the best side of my faces reflected through the two-way glass” in a line that confesses how easy it is to be sucked into the world of social media. The use of phrases such as “hype train” and “fingertip tap dancing too are clever and topical, and further explore the song’s message.

Let Man Loose already have a strong live following in their hometown of Hull and it’s easy to see why. Their songs are full of attitude and energy, and they radiate talent. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them in the months to come.

4/5 Bytes

Celia Moon


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