Second Hand Poet’s Honeycomb speaks of the power music has to bring people together, and is a gentle and resonant addition to anyone’s playlists this summer.

Second Hand Poets newly released alt-rock inspired single Honeycomb falls down a slightly different path to their self described label of ‘gloom folk’ music. The track is course yet gentle, and the message behind it tender, yet what really adds the finishing touches to an already spotless performance is the accompanying music video. The video was created by compiling together short clips of family, friends, and fans from all around the world singing along to the lyrics, and even features short cameos from Frank Turner and Jonah Matranga.

The music video feels homemade and personal, and knowing that it was made possible because of the joint love that these people share for Second Hand Poet and Honeycomb makes it an even more perfect accompaniment for this track. And, as Second Hand Poet himself said, “music is relatable regardless of taste and opinion and the idea of bringing people I care about in all senses of the word felt really special to me”. The track itself is soothing. His voice is gentle, and the accompanying guitar rhythmic and resonant, and it’s a sound that washes over you like a song you already know and love.

The release of Honeycomb follows on from last year’s debut album Songs For The Pyre, and this January’s release of single I’ll Be Yours, which you should definitely check out. I’ll Be Yours is lighter and more acoustic, and the entirety of Songs For The Pyre demonstrates Second Hand Poet’s versatility as an artist. I can’t wait to see what he’s got for us next.

4/5 Bytes

Celia Moon


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