Newman’s performance was confident and powerful with both his personality and vocal ability wowing the crowd…

Last week saw hitmaker John Newman perform at Patterns in Brighton as part of his Out of The Blue Tour, a tour on which he has specifically focused on performing in small venues. This comes as a change of pace for the star who has surely become accustomed to arena tours, this decision to perform a more intimate live show coming before heading back out on a second, more prolific, run in October.

Newman has achieved great success over the last few years, rising to stardom with hits such as Rudimental collaborations Feel The Love and Not Giving In, Calvin Harris collab Blame and solo track Love Me Again. Having released two albums in Tribute and Revolve along with his impressive collaborations, the singer is currently working on his 3rd studio album.

Triumphantly taking to the stage, Newman opened with Come and Get It from his sophomore album, bringing his personality and confidence which made the performance both musically enticing and generally captivating. Having not seen him perform previously, I had almost expected him to appear a little shy, but he was anything but, telling joke after joke and reminding the crowd it was Friday and that he wanted everyone to have a great time. His stage presence and strong vocals really made for a great show as he took time in between tracks to address his audience, joking about his mum texting him, he established that despite his success, he’s really just the same guy he’s always been.


After wowing the crowd with his first couple of tracks, he took time to share a stunning cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, which he stated had been played at a friend’s funeral. As a huge fan of the original track, I really enjoyed Newmans take on it, a version which he certainly made his own and a track that only a singer with the vocal pallet of Newman is able to pull off.

Progressing through the set, fans were treated to a great selection of hits and favourites, with Cheating and Love Me Again amongst standouts from a generally well rounded and solid setlist. Blame was also an impressive addition, with Newman’s stunning vocals shining through every track he performed. 

Ending with Stand By Me, the song is a prime example of Newman’s desire to not fall into the traditional chart musician archetype despite his hits, expressing the raw emotion and passion which sets him apart from some of his peers.

4/5 Bytes

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