Orchards produce a fun, lighthearted set that fans have come to expect from the band – with Evers stealing the spotlight to deliver an engaging and interactive performance.

Last week, Brighton favourites Orchards returned to their hometown to play an intimate show at The Hope & Ruin, after a string of performances that featured as part of a UK headline tour, with a smattering of festival appearances thrown in for good measure. This show featured support from LibraLibra and Pollon.

Orchards produced a fun, lighthearted set that fans have come to expect from the band – with Evers stealing the spotlight to deliver an engaging and interactive performance. The outfit have built a stage presence over the last few years and have begun to ooze the confidence of artists ready for the ‘big-time’. The band were able to strike the perfect balance between putting on a great show and interacting with their fans; Evers even taking a moment to source a spare hair band from the crowd.

Opening with Age of You, the set was packed with an abundance of alt-pop, catchy riffs that have become a staple of their sound, with Ever’s effortlessly brilliant vocals joining forces with the smooth backing instrumentation to bring everything together expertly. From the second they took to the stage, there was little room to move and it was clear the majority in attendance were regulars at their shows, singing along to every word and generally having a great time. 


The band performed a mixture of old and new, with new tracks Magical Thinking and Sooner giving fans a taste of what’s to come and clearly displaying the progression they’ve made as a collective. The rest of the set comprised of some of the band’s most popular songs, including Peggy, Double Vision and Darling.

The evening’s entertainment came to a close with Luv You 2, and it was clear to see why the band decide to close out their shows with this one – it is simply a track that I don’t think I will get tired of hearing. Having been released as part of 2018’s Losers/Lovers, the song sounds as fresh as it did upon release and is a definite fan-favourite during their live performances.

As Orchards continue to establish themselves as very prominent figures within the Brighton music scene, I have no doubt that I’ll see them again very soon and will relish any new material that the band releases in the coming months.

4/5 Bytes.

Dan Whitehouse


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