Hypnotically mesmerising, A Tale Of Two gives us a cautionary tale of love and lust wrapped up in the melody of a twisted lullaby.

Lovelust is the brand new single from the London based duo A Tale of Two, made up of the multitalented writer and performer Gemma Rogers, and the ex-Holloways frontman, songwriter and producer Alfie Jackson. With a hypnotically mesmerising melody, the band describe this song as a ‘cautionary’ tale about love and lust. The track tells the story of two people caught up in the promise of something new and exciting, with an intensity that hints that it could be something that could ruin the relationships they already have.

A song about forbidden desire, Lovelust possesses all of the hunger, longing, and warning that you would expect. It opens on the harmonising voices of Rogers and Jackson, and the slowly paced sing-song melody, beautifully hoarse and high voices, and melancholic piano would not sound out of place at all in the trailer for a horror movie. It’s like a twisted lullaby, with danger lurking just around the corner and tension in every single note. Rogers and Jackson have an incredible dynamic throughout as well. They’re not just singing with each other, they are two opposing forces with something in common and a whole lot to lose. Together they constantly skirt around the edges of what could be, and as you listen you can do nothing but sit back and just guess at what is about to come.

Lovelust finishes at just over four and a half minutes, and every second is needed to tell the story of desire and the hope for love. It’s a breath of fresh air and I can still hear the harmonising vocals as I sit here now. With hopefully a lot more on the way, I can’t wait to see what else A Tale Of Two will give us.

5/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon.

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