Andy Williamson’s Grow is angelic, poignant, and powerful, and continues to echo long after its finished.

Andy Williamson is a pop artist and producer from Scotland, and in recent years he’s moved from working behind the scenes to being in the spotlight. He already has a 26-date UK and European headline tour, and multiple festival performances to his name and his fresh new single Grow adds to his gradually growing musical collection.

Grow begins on a strong first note, and what strikes me right away is the choir of male voices that rush to greet you, ooh-ing and ahh-ing in incredible harmony. Their voices are deep and lovely, and their presence, especially heard during the choruses, overpower everything else and take centre stage. I can’t even begin to imagine how heavenly this would sound live. The piano too is striking, the notes confident and bold – a steady component of the song. In every listen I always hold onto the line “it’s not easy to believe that the world could change”, a lyric that can be seen as a damning reflection of the various political, humanitarian, and environmental issues we are facing in our world today.

Williamson’s own voice also commands an incredible presence within the song. He hits those long, powerful notes perfectly, and even once his voice has faded out (which it does as smooth as velvet) his notes are still left ringing in my ears. Especially poignantly, towards the end of the song you can hear a slight crack in his voice and I love it. It immerses you: it’s raw, it’s real. By the time it all comes to an end I’m left feeling that Williamson could have doubled its length and I’d still be left wanting more. Its sound is truly angelic: it could echo through the valleys of mountains and it wouldn’t seem out of place.

If you like the sound of Grow then Williamson also has a number of other singles out which you can have a listen to, and while he does only have a few songs at the moment he’s already shown great variety in his work, giving us a taste of what I’m sure is to come.

5/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon

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