Visceral and poised, Citizen return with newest single Big Mouth.

Citizen have arrived in 2019, with their latest single Big Mouth. Amidst the announcement of their latest offering, this track seems to mark the intentions of the band’s sound moving forward. Unsure whether Big Mouth will feature as part of an EP or an LP, one thing is for certain; Citizen seem ready to take 2019 by storm.

Opening with Mat Kerekes’ vocals laid atop of a pulsing bassline, his lyrics are hushed and poised. His voice is synonymous with the pensive, angst-fuelled portion of society that is obsessed with this aggressive, lovelorn genre – of which Citizen resides. The verse bounces to life and the hi-hat becomes the spotlighted instrument, guiding us through into the chorus. When we arrive, a punchy riff is delivered in darkness and almost flashes us back to the highlights of Everyone is Going to Heaven. The chorus is Citizen through and through, upon first listen, with vocals that elongate lyrics and flirt with detonation – however, there seems to be very little diversity as the song develops.

I feel as though this track suffers a little with over-production, particularly with the vocals. I understand that the band have become more experimented with this more and more over recent years but Kerekes’ vocals are so important to the band’s sound and in parts they are simply lost. The breakdown, which sees all of this stripped back for only four bars, is great and I like that it harshly contrasts the other outfits that his vocals put on during this song but I don’t think – as a listener – looking forward to the simple is a promising sign.

The artwork released with it, in my opinion, is one of its strongest benefits. Featuring the soft outline of a head, set atop of a spectrum of colours, the imagery – somehow – sums this track up aptly. It is not the most profound, or career-defining piece, but if you listen to the track you will agree that it looks just how you imagine – if it was possible – the song would look as an image.

All in all, this is a good song but, for me, it leaves a fair amount to be desired. I feel as though this track could grow on me the more I hear it, however, I don’t feel as though it sticks with me enough to want to go back to it. 2019 could be a big year for Citizen and I hope it is because we could do with another killer album.

3/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.


Listen to Citizen’s latest music on Spotify:

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