With the imminent release of their third album Persona, Parisian post-rockers Lost In Kiev are set to showcase their most ambitious work to date. We caught up with guitarist/synth player Maxime Ingrand to discuss what the future holds for Lost In Kiev.

Congratulations on the completion of Persona. What emotions come along with releasing your music out to the world?

Thank you! The release of a new album is always something special and especially this one. This is our third album and we tried to experiment with some new aspects and sounds in our music in order to build a new standard (shorter and more direct tracks). We wanted to sound more rock & electronic meanwhile keeping the essence of what is Lost in Kiev. We are curious to get feedback on Persona!

Also, we’re now working with a new record label (Pelagic records) and new people. It’s really exciting and on the other hand a bit stressful!

Thematically, what are the ideologies behind your craft – would you say that you have a story to tell?

Yes, since our first album Motions it was one of our main goals, trying to tell stories through our music. It’s not something that’s really easy because our music is mainly instrumental music. We can write a few texts with samples in our songs to give like a patch to our listeners to imagine their own story with the music.

Having a story/theme is something that helps us to create music, that offers us a kind of framework to write music.

What fuels, influences and inspires your creative process?

A lot of things! First, it’s what I explained just before, the theme of the album. After it can also be all the music, movies or books that we have seen/listened before, that can inspire us too.

Once we have agreed on a theme for an album, we really immerse ourselves in this theme (documentation, literature…) in order to boost our creative process.

What makes Lost in Kiev stand out from the crowd?

Hard question, it’s one of our most difficult, I guess. We’re trying to not be exactly like other bands, we want to always offer something new, I don’t know if we can achieve it but it’s one of our goals and you’ll always find someone to tell us that your music is similar to something else.

One of our differences is to have various influences coming from a lot of different style of music or piece of arts, and this is why we like to mix some different sounds to create our own style.

When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

Haha, tricky question! I will say « Insomnia » for now from our previous album Nuit Noire because it was our first music video and it got a lot of views on YouTube. It’s also a very direct and easy in a good way track to enter in our musically immersive universe.

What has been the biggest highlight in your career so far?

The release of 3 albums and to have had some tours and gigs with amazing bands that we liked before Lost in Kiev. It’s something really special to us and this is already a lot of work and achievement.

It was exciting to play at great festivals such as Arctangent or Dunk! fest (a special thanks to Dunk! records to have believed in us at our beginning), and we are looking to play at some other great festivals!

We’re now really glad to have signed on Pelagic records too.

What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

To organise our personal life (we are all working) with the band, because we all want to continue to make some music & concerts. As we said, that’s lots of personal work and time (and money) to do this. It’s a bit like a daily struggle.

How bright is the future of your band – what are the plans?

To promote and perform our new album Persona, to play the most gigs that we can, we already have gigs booked in Europe for May and June and more are coming this year.

We are also hoping to tour outside of Europe, it would be great to perform in America, Asia or somewhere else! Last dream of ours: to work one day on an original soundtrack for a movie, series or a video game.

When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

As a band that will stick in your mind forever (in a good way). This will be huge enough for us!




Persona is set to release on 26th April 2019 via Pelagic Records. Pre-order now – http://bit.ly/lostinkievEU

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