Introduce us to your band!

The sensitive music with ambient influences by Before The Drop follows a path through a pastel coloured landscape, like you used to see at the end of the previous century. The melancholic lyrics by this post-indie band with double vocals enhance seamlessly the double feeling with which the band seduces you. The collective resume that includes highly ranked stages and festivals such as Lowlands and Pinkpop proves the high experience level of the band. Sometimes blood is thicker than water.


How did you guys start out?

It all started with just a two-week surge of chai latte overdose induced inspiration from our guitar player Maarten, from which basically the fundamentals of a whole album sprung… Maarten contacted Twan (drums) and myself (Rob, guitar/vocals) to play bass. Initially more vibed as an instrumental project, we all soon decided the music asked for female vocals, which became Marlouk (keys/vocals) who brought some sweet vocal lines to the table. When I started singing along, I switched from bass to guitar allowing me to focus more on singing. Which made room for Bas to join us on Bass. We’ve all been playing in bands as long as we can remember, and for most of us, these bands worked out pretty well.. We’ve collectively played all the A-list venues in the Netherlands and some abroad. Also, we’ve played at some sweet festivals in the Netherlands (e.g. Pinkpop, Lowlands) and again, with this band, we plan to do it as a group, as we feel we have something special in our hands here..


Describe your band’s sound

The band is a post-indie piece played by musicians with a background in more heavy music. You can feel the tension to play the shit out of these songs, while they require us to play controlled. It rings through in the music. The double vocals in it give an extra depth, adding to that tension. Lots of ambience as well…


What influences your craft?

Mogwai, Angus and Julia Stone, The Sound.


What makes your band different? Why should people listen to you?

You’ll hear a solid band, who knows what she wants and uses everything it can to drag you along during the ride of the set. We’re real, but know how a show should be set up. Just come and see or listen for yourself.


When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

At the moment we have this new single out called ‘Everything’. So I am rooting for that one. ‘Everything’ is a tale of impossible love, of attraction and separation, of hope and desperate rage. That feeling you have when you can neither be with nor without someone.
At some point, it is time to move on. But who decides when that moment comes?

But we are just happy as hell to have people listening to any song of us.


What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

To find enough candy in a store to get through a rehearsal. We should be endorsed by a candy manufacturer.


What has been the biggest highlight in your career so far?

We just got featured on an official Spotify playlist. We are very stoked about that! But also in music, pride also comes in numbers, so playing a couple of big Dutch festivals for a 10, 12K crowd is definitely up there. There’s just something about the not hearing applause but a sort of distorted sound coming your way from there…

Twan aspires to be a professional curling player and Marlouk holds the world record
for not eating gingerbread on a Wednesday 😉


How bright is the future of your band – what are the plans?

This weekend we head over to our favourite studio, with good friend and producer Gavin Harte. In may there will be another single, and in September we release our debut album, which will be supported by a tour.


When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

I would be eternally gracefull when the next Die Hard movie is about us, robbing a candy factory.


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