A sold-out, debut headline show at one of London’s best kept secrets? Most bands would bite your hand off. Babyteeth did just that… and then some.

The dark and gothic Black Heart pub in London’s Camden may not look too inviting from the outside, but once you step through those initially daunting doors, the vibe inside is cosy and homely. Everyone in attendance tonight felt like one and the same, we were all there for a couple of drinks and some proper live music.

Babyteeth took to the stage and wasted no time in crashing into their opening track. Heads bobbed and feet tapped along to a sound that echoed the moody 90s grunge vibe that so many of us love and cherish dearly. That being said, an initially familiar sound was quickly shaken up and given a new identity.

Leading the charge was frontwoman Camilla Roholm who was electric from start to finish. She performed with an assurance that commanded respect and at points left the audience in a mesmerised stupor. This kind of natural ability doesn’t come along too often.

Moreover, lead guitarist Eilidh Mckellar relished any opportunity to open up and make her guitar sing. In those moments, the band’s dynamic was split open and parted like the red sea for Mckellar’s wailing Les Paul. It’s a sound that you simply can’t ignore and even the idlest of ears would prick up during one of these solos.

The rhythm section was somewhat makeshift, with the band’s regular drummer Samantha Lublin having sustained a concussion from headbanging too hard in their latest video shoot. Nevertheless, the job was completed to satisfaction, with Rio Hellyer’s sludgy bass tones storming alongside stomping drum beats and sturdy guitar work courtesy of Sam Hammond. This provided a suitably loud and wonderfully abrasive bed on which the remaining band members went about their business.

Not only was the show their first headline gig, Babyteeth were also celebrating the release of newest single Cut It which went down a treat. Other highlights came in the form of the infectious Siamese Twin and the intoxicating Cocoon, both of which were executed with clinical aplomb.

The band closed with a cover of Ariana Grande’s God Is A Woman which was predictably well received by the audience. An electrifying spin, it was a statement of intent from Babyteeth – they’re having a laugh, but they’re not here to piss around. Take note. Keep your eyes peeled. Teeth clenched.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

See more from Babyteeth on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify and Instagram.

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