The soaring vocals and intimate lyrics on River Meets Sea’s vibrant new single Rest On Me gives us a message we can all live and learn from.

River Meets Sea, and indie folk quartet based in London, have released their new single Rest On Me which marks the second track released since their rebranding and forming under the new name. The band say the song can be listened to as a letter from a parent to a child, friend to friend, or lover to soulmate, and the flexibility of this message is one of the reasons why this track caught my attention.

The opening lines for Rest On Me are so gentle and clear that it sounds like the band could really be in the same room as you, and paired with the melodic guitar it creates a stunning introduction for the song. But, however beautiful the music is (and it really is beautiful), the lyrics are what truly capture my imagination. The first verse holds the line “I know I cannot say I’ll always understand / I’ll always be there to hold your hand” which I love for its simplicity. This statement of solidarity with someone whose struggles you won’t always understand is powerful and one of the greatest declarations of love within the song.

The chorus is an epic combination of soaring vocals and instrumentals that resonate deep within you, and the words stay ringing in your ears well after Rest On Me has faded away. The line “I’ll cast away your yesterdays” is repeated throughout, and for good reason. It shows that the person’s love for the other is truly limitless, and always there despite any past mistakes. It does not matter whether you listen to this song as a letter from parent to child, friend to friend, lover to lover, or anything else, this statement of unconditional love can be understood by anyone: regardless of your past, I will love you.

The lyrics of Rest On Me are catchy and it took me only a couple of plays before I was singing along, and I haven’t stopped yet. The track is vibrant and brought to life by the mixture of instruments that build up in the verses just to burst into colours for the choruses, and the lyrics so soulful they make your heart hurt. This track displays to me just what River Meets Sea are capable of, and with the message of unconditional love Rest On Me is always relevant, and I for one am so happy that I came across it.

5/5 Bytes

Celia Moon


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