Peterborough 4-piece Modern Error burst onto the scene with the boisterous yet expansively melodic Lost In The Noise

Buried and Blue kicks off proceedings in breakneck fashion. Raspy screams rattle from Zak Pinchin alongside the onslaught of instrumentation. Interestingly, the guitar parts and vocals seem to deliver at a similar volume – while the overall dynamic does sound fuller and compliments the bombarding pace at which the track is delivered, the vocals do sometimes sound rather isolated. In a similar vein, Blackout Poetry strikes the same disjointed chord as the record’s opener. It’s post-hardcore as we know and love it, with Modern Error’s own flavour and voice.

Where this band really shine is the points at which they break the boundaries of this already diverse genre. Funeral Verse is a tremendous dip in pace and immediately shows us the flexibility in Modern Error’s songwriting ability. Further to this, moments in Self Synthetic are also delivered as eerie, haunting soundscapes that leave a resounding mark, louder than the bombardment of hardcore music that envelopes them. Cross Me Out offers what is arguably the catchiest chorus on the record and will no doubt get heads nodding along in appreciation.

It is undoubtedly the atypical that Modern Error excel at, however, there are moments here that sound familiar. Put that down to the notion that this is a band still finding their feet – before truly achieving their potential, artists should go through the motions of mastering what is ultimately their bread and butter. Loud and lairy guitars, gut-busting drums, thumping bass and visceral vocal performances – Modern Error have this all down to a tee at the first time of asking.

This band are certainly raising eyebrows and pricking ears with their experimental and expansive brand of melodic post-hardcore. Considering that Lost In The Noise is the Peterborough four-piece’s first offering, it’s a bloody good one. With potential as obvious as this, Modern Error certainly won’t be getting lost in this noisy scene – expect them to grow, improve and continue to stand out.

3.5/5 Bytes

Aaron Jackson


Modern Error are on tour in support of As It Is in the UK this month at the following dates:

01 Bath Moles
02 Bridgend Hobos
04 Belfast Oh Yeah Centre
05 Dublin Green Room
07 Liverpool Arts Club Loft
08 Carlisle Old Fire Station
09 Aberdeen Tunnels
11 Stoke Sugarmill
12 Colchester Arts Centre
14 Leicester Academy 2
15 Brighton Concorde 2

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