Blinky Bill celebrates life and culture in his Nairobishot music video for his single Mungu Halali.

Nairobi native Blinky Bill has released the new video for his single Mungu Halali. Lifted from his 2018 debut solo album, Everyone’s Just Winging It And Other Fly Tales the video for this track was shot around Kenya’s capital and features cameo appearances from Bill’s parents, friends, and Nairobi locals. It was shot by his former bandmate from Just A Band, and gives an intimate and joyous look at his life.

Mungu Halali’s video opens on a short cameo from the Kenyan presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela who says “I have listened to this song and I love it!”, and I have to say that I agree. Following this, the music kicks in and we are whisked away on a tour of the beautiful city that Bill was raised in. We see a record store, a Barbers, the houses of Bill’s friends, the stalls of a street market, and the beautiful city skyline. There’s a party vibe going on at the same time with shots of Bill’s friends dancing and singing at a party lit by floodlights.

The track’s verses have a laid back feel while the choruses come in with much more of a gospel sound to them, with guest vocals from Sage, Sarah Mitaru, Wambura Mitaru, and Lisa Oduor Noah and the strength of the voices of the many people coming together is stunning. The video itself is just over three and a half minutes but it feels too short for how much more I would have loved to have seen. Despite the detail and care in the shots of the city and its people, I can’t help but feel that we’re given just the slightest of glimpses of what the city really holds. We’re rushed through Nairobi’s religion, culture, people, and the lives of Bill’s family, and his childhood, and it leaves me wanting so much more. The music video is a celebration of life and culture and a perfect fit for the passionate song.

Bill’s debut album Everyone’s Just Winging It And Other Fly Tales, which Mungu Halali was lifted from, is extraordinary not just because it features 12 tracks that are as diverse as the Kenyan culture that feeds into it but also because it was entirely produced by Bill himself. It’s production, as with this single, is fantastic and I will definitely be keeping up with Bill’s work in the future.


5/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon.



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