Ferris and Sylvester bring their polished folk sound to the seaside town of Brighton

Following the powerful and melodic tones of support, William Poyer, Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester took to the stage. The Prince Albert pub in Brighton set the mood for the night, an incredibly intimate venue with dim lighting and a cosy, minimalistic vibe – the pair surrounded by just a few guitars, two amps and their pedal boards. Despite its size, the Albert packed a considerable number of people in, all buzzing for the night ahead. Save Yourself kicked off the proceedings.


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Immediately, the vocal ability of the duo was evident and, set amongst the calming plucking and strumming of their guitars, their natural talent was even clearer. Straight off their deservedly-popular EP Made in Streatham, Better in Yellow allowed Sylvester to showboat with his slider a little and add percussion, stomping his heels on the pedals of a small bass drum and tambourine, the crowd instantly popping into an upbeat sway. Avoiding any lull, Good Man packed a punch and the crowd were in the palm of the couple’s hands. Ferris’ infectious smile made an appearance after each song, and the chemistry the pair have radiated to everyone in the room, something which immensely complimented the music.


Confusing all at first, Ferris and Sylvester demanded that everyone shout like “angry Vikings”, clapping their hands above their heads as a part of a competition they had running during the tour. It then became clear this was a comical and crafty way to start Burning River, a new single which carries a lot of oomph and ignited the room. Sometimes, followed by Bread Winner and Golden picked up the set at the exact right time, and the high calibre of musicianship was consistent through to the final few songs, including a treat in the form of a few Johnny Cash covers.


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The encore provided an intimate closure, with Ferris guitar-less yet as vocally strong as ever, performing Flying Visit and London Blues. The pair had spoken about their solo days at the famous Spiritual Bar in Camden where they both cut their teeth in the music scene, and being their first headline tour, it’s clear this duo are nowhere near peaking yet. I guarantee we will be hearing a lot more of Ferris and Sylvester very soon.


4/5 Bytes

Fraser Wakeling


Take a look at the rest of Fraser’s photos from the show here.


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