Sun Arcana deliver a tight, mystical performance with latest single Let Me Down (Ventilate)

2018 was a big year for British music and Sun Arcana were one of the gems that emerged as a result of it. Having released their first EP, As I Take a Breath…, an acoustic EP and performed across the length and breadth of UK, I think that it is fair to say that the band are on their way to a meteoric rise. Now, with the release of new single Let Me Down (Ventilate), the boys – hailing from Essex and London – are set to take 2019 with even more gusto than its predecessor.

Their latest single opens with vocals of Tom Harper Ward skipping over the solitary sound of his guitar. From here, all the working parts of Sun Arcana kick in as they blend and battle with the intricate layers of the frontman’s vocals. The chorus is catchy and the verses highlight that there is a lot of talent harnessed within the ranks of the band. Although it doesn’t have the noticeable bite of Wonderful or the awe-inspiring nature of Oxygen, Let Me Down (Ventilate) does offer a mature sound. There is not really a lot on offer here that will utterly shock you, but what it does affirm is the fact that the band are honing their craft. It is wonderful to hear the improved lyricism on offer with this track and again, only shows promise as the band move forward. After a modestly punchy breakdown, the song whimpers to its conclusion with humble, mystical aplomb.

Sun Arcana are currently criminally underrated, even for a band that has only released a handful of songs thus far. Hopefully Let Me Down (Ventilate) marks the beginning of big things for the band, as I am sure that they are on the cusp of exploding to stardom. Another tight, inspiring effort.

⅘ Bytes. Callum Huthwaite.


Be sure to catch Sun Arcana on their upcoming tour:

15th Mar – Beta, Copenhagen (DK)

16th Mar – Headcrash, Hamburg (DE)

17th Mar – Privatclub, Berlin (DE)

19th Mar – Fierwerk, Munich (DE)

20th Mar – MTC, Cologne (DE)

21st Mar – Dynamo, Eindhoven (NL)

22nd Mar – L’international, Paris (FR)

24th Mar – Deaf Institute, Manchester (UK)

25th Mar – Stereo, Glasgow (UK)

26th Mar – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham (UK)

27th Mar – Dingwalls, London (UK)

28th Mar – Kava, Antwerp (BE)

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