Indie-Pop quartet Brand New Friend are proving they’re definitely a band you need to watch out for with the release of their new single, I Was An Astronaut and its video.

The fresh-faced quartet Brand New Friend who hail from Northern Ireland have recently released the video for their newest single I Was an Astronaut along with a brand new accompanying track You Make Me Want to Grow Up, Sometimes. The band is fronted by siblings Taylor and Lauren Johnson and after the success of 2018, their biggest year to date, are already making waves in the music industry.


The single I Was an Astronaut is upbeat and exciting with a rousing yet poignant chorus. Rough and relatable lines like “you’re just like me, you’re hanging on and hung over” stick out to me as being particularly relevant to the experiences of our generation. The line “I don’t think I’ve seen you sober, or your friends but that is just the way we are” is reminiscent of some of the relationships we form during these developmental years of our lives, and has a ring of sadness to it. The video, shot in the better known location of Dragonstone from Game of Thrones, shows the siblings sitting on the sand of the beach, cheerfully playing guitar and singing. As the song goes on, they are joined by more and more singing people.

You Make Me Want to Grow Up, Sometimes opens with some punching guitar and the line “lately my whole life has just been lacking common sense”. This track certainly has a more heartfelt tone to it with a less positive outlook, however I was particularly enthralled by the moments of intense vocals from Taylor, who sung with the raw emotion of someone who deeply cares and feels connected to what they are singing about. Most touchingly, this track mentions the conflict in life that comes between what you want to do and what you realise you have to do in life in order to live. For Brand New Friend this conflict is between the things they love like “swimming in the ocean” but realising that “it will never pay my bills of child support”. Heartbreakingly, the line “you can’t raise a family on a dream” plays out and sticks with you well after the song has drifted into silence.

So far in their short but successful career Brand New Friend have supported the likes of Starcrawler, Rat Boy, and At the Drive-In, and are all set to tour the UK alongside labelmate Seán McGowan later this year throughout February and March. They have already played a sold our three night residency in Belfast, so make sure not to miss them! Also be sure to check out their debut album Seatbelts for Aeroplanes that was released last year; they are more than worth it.

5/5 Bytes.

Celia Moon.




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