Bastille bring a mix of chilled out tunes and sing-along favourites to the Brighton Centre.

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With the Brighton Centre being one of the biggest venues the city has to offer, Bastille had a job on their hands to fill the space with energy. To start this mission, frontman Dan Smith opened alone on stage, performing the electronic and atmospheric Wild World behind a huge linen curtain which was dramatically dropped halfway through the following song, Quarter Past Midnight; the British 5-piece now complete on stage. This immediately packed some punch into the set, something which would hopefully continue throughout the night.

However, this was not the case. Send Them Off and Craig David’s I Know You followed, casting energy over the crowd along with strobing blue and red lighting, but the set fell short at multiple points from here onwards. The ironically named, Lethargy seemed to set the tone for a long period after the strong openers and an unfortunately timed technical fault soon left Smith on stage fumbling for words between tracks. The humble nature of the man responsible for the group’s creation showed through as he openly admitted to being “so bad at chatting”, inviting the crowd to a brief Q+A while the fault was fixed. The band then got stuck straight back in with Grip, a well-received song off the new mixtape, Other People’s Heartache Pt. 4. The group had found their mojo once again.

Unfortunately, once again this didn’t last as Warmth and Blame (joined by support artist Ulysses Wells) slowed the set back down, disengaging the audience further. A brief drum solo followed which enticed the crowd, but the subsequent track 4am saw Dan lay on a slowly rotating sofa, plummeting energy levels another time. World Gone Mad then calmed the room further, with hundreds of phone flashlights aloft, illuminating the stage. The following group of songs continued this lull, even with Lewis Capaldi joining the group for Bad Blood. That was until the set picked back up with Pompeii, Good Grief and Laura Palmer, injecting much-needed energy and power into the room, giving the audience what they’d been craving for a while now.

The difference in both the crowd and the band members on stage was apparent, both clearly enjoying themselves more now the more upbeat numbers had returned. Of The Night and Warmth – Outro ended the main set, the crowd finally happy they had been given the performance they came for. Following Dan Smith’s heartfelt plea for the charity, ‘Breast Cancer Now’, the encore consisted of further favourites, Happier and Flaws, ending the night on a high. On the whole, Bastille gave a strong performance and it seemed the fans loved the show, but it was a shame there were such long periods of low energy and slow tracks. As such a popular band with a large following, more consistency was expected.

3/5 Bytes.

Fraser Wakeling.

Check out the incredible photographs captured from this gig here!

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