Bringing the heat to an ice-cold Norwich, Chapter and Verse, Sun Arcana and Emarosa set the standard for 2019.

The Waterfront Studio has hosted some of the brightest up-and-comers over the past few months, and with the arrival of Emarosa and co. it was evident that this showed no sign of changing. Up first and determined to make their mark on Norwich’s infamous Waterfront Studio, Chapter and Verse kick-started the weekend with a fast-paced set. As this tour with fellow Brits Sun Arcana and American exports Emarosa reached its penultimate night, their performance showcased that they still had a lot more left in the tank. Although the room was lightly dappled with attendees, the four-piece delivered a fizzing set that turned the heads of all those that had chosen to brave the cold. Mixing soaring vocals with chunky flares, they are wonderfully polarising and are sure to grab the attention of many with their blend of genres. The release of their EP, Glow, will mark the start of something big for the band.

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Sun Arcana were up next. Tipped as one of the brightest prospects in the British music scene at the moment, the four-piece from Essex and London took to the stage with humble aplomb. The vocals on offer were nothing short of outrageous and grabbed the attention of everyone in the room. Every note of this performance was delivered excellently. The obvious hits Oxygen and Fracture were left dancing in my head for hours after the show, however, the real winner on the evening was their dark and brooding performance of Wonderful. I was most excited to hear this track before the gig and man, did it deliver. A great moment in a fantastic set.

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Emarosa arrived in abrupt style. Bursting on stage and declaring that they didn’t like waiting to start their set, the American outfit rattled through a handful of songs to open up the proceedings. There were some new bit-bop tracks on offer during the show – which the band sneakily included into the performance – that left the die-hard fans excited for their upcoming album. However, I must confess that I left a little underwhelmed by the overall sound of the band. Whether it was because of the Laryngitis of Bradley Walden or just the humble quantity of people in attendance, the overall kilter of the gig felt a little off.

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As the colossal roars of Carrow Road absorbed us as we left the venue, it felt as though Norwich City were not the only winners on the night. Keep your eyes peeled for Sun Arcana and Chapter and Verse, big things are on their way.

3/5 Bytes. Megan Foxen & Callum Huthwaite.

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