Short and succinct, Crowbar throws down the gauntlet for Frank Carter & The Rattlesnake’s third studio album.

It appears that the infamous third album that has been escaping Frank Carter his entire musical career is finally upon us. Crowbar marks the beginning of the next chapter for the notorious frontman and his Rattlesnakes which will see the release of forthcoming album End of Suffering in May. As the first single from this release, I was keen to see if the band were aiming to take their music down a different route, or whether they would be delivering more of their notorious pedal-to-the-metal electricity.

Well, it is Frank Carter after all. Crowbar is a quintessential Rattlesnakes song. Pulsing beat and bashful, crooning lyrics, everything on offer here feels to be building on the foundations laid down by the band’s first two albums. Although this song is only 2 minutes 21 seconds long, the track is laced with layers and twists that keep you on edge for its duration. The hook of this song is a serenading series of lyrics that will have you addicted after just one listen. Do not be alarmed if the lyric “go and get the crowbar” spins around your head for a while. The breakdown of the song, as intensified by the video, sees Carter preaching about the importance of being true to yourself. A wholesome message that totally encompasses the aura of the band. Even though this moment feels to be somewhat stripped back, in comparison to the breakdowns in some of their other tracks, it does a superb job of building up to this release even more. From here we are taken on one final whirl of the hook before being thrown into, what can only be described as, a gargantuan ending. The guitar in this song is a real triumph and in the track’s conclusion, with its accompanying instruments, really steals the show. Although it only lasts for four bars, it really sets this entire piece alight. It feels, and in parts, sounds like a chainsaw swinging towards you with no intention of stopping. Taking some of the electricity from the breakdown of Juggernaut, this ending showcases that the Rattlesnakes are planning to take 2019 by the scruff of its neck.

There’s no comfort fitting in / fake safety that no one believes in / and if it goes against who you think you are / it’s the death of happiness.

This song feels as though it is going to be a crucial part of the upcoming album. It enters with the potential to detonate and by the time the song is over, the energy has soared and feels as though it will refuse to let off. Short and succinct, Crowbar is as brash and to the point as its name connotes. This one fits the perfect blueprint of a killer single, it is utterly electric and demands you to want more.

4/5 Bytes. Callum Huthwaite.


Pre-order the album here –

Catch the band at one of their dates on their upcoming tour –


07 The Bullingdon, Oxford
08 Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
09 Dreamland (Ballroom), Margate
11 The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth
12 The Fleece, Bristol
13 Sin City, Swansea
15 The Sugarmill, Stoke
16 Empire, Coventry
18 Peddler, Sheffield
19 Arts Club Theatre, Liverpool
21 Think Tank, Newcastle
22 Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
23 Fibbers, York


15 M4M Festival, Zurich – Switzerland
16 Z-Bau, Nuremberg – Germany
18 Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette – Luxembourg
19 La Poudriere, Belfort – France
20 Les Docks, Lausanne – Switzerland
22 La Cooperative de Mai, Clermont Ferrand – France
23 Rockstore, Montpellier – France
25 Santeria Club, Milan – Italy
26 Locomotive Club, Bologna – Italy
28 Culture Factory, Zagreb – Croatia
29 Simm City, Vienna – Austria
30 Akvarium Klub, Budapest – Hungary


01 Hydrozagadka, Warsaw – Poland
03 Lucerna Bar, Prague – Czech Republic
04 Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover – Germany
05 Matrix Club, Bochum – Germany
06 Faster & Louder Festival– Eindhoven, Netherlands`
30 Dauwpop Festival, Hellendoorn


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