Paris duo Papooz finally return with hypnotic new single Danger to Myself and gear us up for their new album coming next year.

Paris based pop outfit have released their new single Danger to Myself ahead of an upcoming London gig, and with a hint of 70s sensuality, it sure is something. Danger to Myself is the first music released by the duo since their debut album in 2016, and it sets the bar high for their much anticipated new album, set to drop next year.

The single opens on the noises of a bustling bar and human life,and over this plays a deep voice, whispering straight to us. “Hey baby,” it says, rich as melted chocolate, and we’re instantly drawn right in – the voice is so smooth and corporeal that if I didn’t know any better, I’d think that I was being chatted up. The song that follows is a sweet mix of soft rock, pop, and an uncanny lyricism. The vocals sound effortless and breathy as they lead us through the ups and downs of a night out. Lines like “every night / it’s such a mess / ain’t hard to guess / I’m a danger to myself” bring a certain sorrow to the song, but the gentle swing of the instruments in the background moves us on. While many lyrics do show a less-than-happy state of affairs we are not left to dwell on these. The duo do not wallow in self-pity and instead gloss over these events in a manner of fact style, moving on with the song as they move on with their lives.

Danger to Myself is hypnotic. It’s a strange one, but it draws you in and manages to keep you there. I’ll definitely be listening out for when Papooz’s new album drops, excited to hear what else they’ve got in store for us. I’d definitely also suggest checking out their upcoming London Scala headline show on December 12th!

3/5 Bytes

Celia Moon

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