An autumnal pop-punk party, Seaway are back with latest single Blur.

As Seaway approach the conclusive tours of the Vacation era, the boys have marked new beginnings with the release of a brand-spankin’ new single. Coming somewhat out of nowhere, the Seaboiz are back with another banger. Blur is the band’s latest offering and with it comes a load of autumnal pop-punk party vibes. I will be honest, as I have started to lose touch with the pop-punk scene, I find myself distancing more and more from the latest releases. However, Seaway are a band that drag me in every time with their fun-loving, infectious tunes. I have to admit, they have done it again.

Blur opens with the standard, call-and-response Seaway vocal rhetoric from Ryan Locke and Patrick Carleton – the killer element of the band’s sound. Starting in a slow manner, the riff feels a little haunting and distanced. Before long, the track kicks off and we are given a biting drum beat to get our teeth into. The lyrics that open the song provide the listener with the impression that the song’s focus is on the band’s experiences with touring. The elevated chorus only adds to this forum, discussing the soars of party-life and the damning reflections of missing your life at home and those you have left behind. However, the vibe of the chorus wouldn’t suggest such a serious discourse. It is utterly pounding and makes you want to move at every turn.

A thousand miles away from you. Is this just bad luck, or is the party over?

The breakdown of the song takes a slightly different direction. The track slows down to almost a halt and we are left with Locke and Carleton’s vocals dancing atop of some keys. It is a very different feel to the rest of the track, however, as the video shifts into some of the more sentimental shots of their latest run of shows with State Champs, it feels as though the boys are discussing that not all is bad on the road. The way that the vocals intertwine as the song draws to a close is utterly fantastic, highlighting again how impressive the band is as musicians.

If you didn’t manage to catch Seaway on tour here in the UK last month, then the video for this track with show you some of the highlights. Seeing Ryan Lock sitting in a Tesco trolley is certainly one of mine. Seaway are a great band, and this is a really good song. If you haven’t given them the time to listen to them by now, what are you playing at?

4/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

You can listen to Blur and stay up to date with the band here:

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Spotify Pop Punk Playlist:

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