An album bubbling with energy and funk inspired tunes – you’re not going to want to sit this one out.

Just as you’re beginning to think that all the covers today sound the same, let the collaborative efforts of pop songstress Helena May and instrumental funk band Redtenbacher’s Funkestra take you on a journey to experience the joyful, funk inspired cover album Part of Me. Complete with covers of such classics as Britney Spear’s Toxic, Lorde’s Royals, and Guns ‘N’ Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine, this brand new album is bursting with energy and groovy tunes, making it a necessary addition to anyone’s playlist.

May first saw Redtenbacher’s Funkestra perform their jubilant funk inspired versions of widely-played pop songs in London a number of years ago, to which the performances received incredibly positive feedback from the audiences, and it was those enthusiastic reactions that first motivated them to create a collaborative album with their experimental funk pop pieces. And as a group, they’re formidable. May’s vocals are honeyed and lively, and the boldness of Gauld’s trumpet and Green’s saxophone adds a dynamic tone to songs such as Toxic. This, coupled with the jazzy cacophony of the percussion and guitars, means that Part of Me stays true to its funk roots while also giving us a rarely-heard spin on some pop classics.

Each and every song on this 8-track, jazz inspired album, from the upbeat Sweet Child O’ Mine to the groovy Toxic, is unique and brilliantly composed. Each cover differs so greatly from the song’s original style and it adds a whole other level to the pop songs. There is no one standout track from the album as they all bring something unique and new, and the album as a whole, with their incomparable style and buzzing energy, could never fail to brighten up a room.

The album was released on Monday 12th November on Spotify, and the group are set to play a few upcoming live shows at the Colchester Arts Centre on 30/11 and at Masterlink Studios on 15/12 and 16/12. You don’t want to miss out.

4/5 Bytes.

by Celia Moon.


Redtenbacher’s Funkestra

Helena May





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