Pure pop and bounce, Tove Styrke brings her new album, Sway to the south coast.

Making a name for herself in the electropop world, Tove Styrke is a Swedish singer-songwriter who gained popularity all the way back in 2009 for her appearance on Swedish Idol. Since then she has grown as an artist leaps and bounds, touring with Lorde and more recently Katy Perry, as well as releasing her third album, Sway earlier this year.

The stage was filled hundreds of light-up roses, with Tove taking centre-place, complete with a cowboy hat, leather jacket, Britney Spears crop top, and leather trousers (see photos for the complete look). With Patterns being such a small and intimate venue, Styrke filled the room easily. Opening with the attitude and bounce of Borderline, the gig was off to a fantastic start. Mistakes followed, and then Ego.

Positive throughout, Tove spent the entire set smiling from ear-to-ear, reciprocated by her devoted and loving fans across the room who sung their hearts out to every song. The set was also nicely punctuated with a couple of covers: Liability by Lorde and Endless by VAX, as well as an acoustic version of her own Vibe. It has to be said that Tove’s energy and positive influence over the crowd was amazing, completely captivating everyone for the duration of the evening – particularly in tracks such as On A Level.

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On the Low slowed things down for a bit, before the Swede picked things back up with favourites, Say My Name and the titular track from the new album, Sway. Before checking with her band and simultaneously teasing her audience, Tove had time to play one more song, Number One. This was a huge crowd-pleaser with which everyone got involved, singing along and dancing – the energy in the room was ecstatic.

4/5 Bytes. Fraser Wakeling.


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