Nothing But Thieves strut back to the forefront with marvellous EP What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way?

It is fair to say that Nothing But Thieves are unstoppable at the moment. Off the back of their second album, Broken Machine, that premiered last year, the band have been on an absolute tear. Sold out shows and international recognition, the 5-piece from Southend-on-Sea have really captured the gaze of the alternative rock scene. Now, ahead of their run of UK shows that will see them headline the legendary Alexandra Palace in late November, the band have dropped – somewhat spontaneously – a brand spanking, new EP.

Consisting of only four songs, the snappily titled What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way? opens with my favourite song of the four, Forever and Ever More. The first time I heard this song, I got strong Queens Of The Stone Age vibes from the lineage and style of the song – something that I stand by after multiple listens. I really enjoy the way this song pulses and has moments that allow for vocal insanity from Conor Mason. Big riffs and a punching chorus’, this song has a little bit of everything. The chorus struts the EP’s title through your headphones in a way that wants you to sassily nod your head. The energy of this one alludes to the discussion the band were having on Twitter about writing this whilst on tour. The energy of not just this song but the whole EP hints that the musicians responsible were having a wonderful time performing live. Electric.


Gods starts off a little more subtly, as Mason’s vocals swagger atop of an unplugged guitar that is frantically heard to be strumming in the background. When the song falls into its meat and potatoes, and all the instruments are working in harmony, we are left with a song that I feel represents the vintage Nothing But Thieves sound. The chorus is punchy and everything that surrounds it is used as a tool to heighten it to the next level. The breakdown of this song is monstrous, something that I wouldn’t normally say about a NBT song, however – as I mentioned before – you can really tell that this release is a product of a band thriving whilst performing live. You Know Me Too Well opens with a scenario we have grown to know so well – Mason’s vocals dancing with a flirting bass-line. This song is a little different from the other three that make up the release. It is slower and plods at a leisurely pace, which works wonderfully when you consider the electric opening delivered by the first two songs. Lyrics such as “I’m so drunk on you” are sure to echo fondly around Ally Pally during their upcoming performance.


Take This Lonely Heart is nothing short of gorgeous. Opening with whimpering vocals, that fill the brooding dark space witnessed at the opening of this one. Before long the drums arrive and begin to accelerate the proceedings. The chorus is, again, vintage Nothing But Thieves. No one does it better. This song dances, darkly, between beauty and exuberant release as it continually flirts with utter detonation. This one has the makings of being a classic and I am sure it will find a spot in their setlist. There is something epic about this track.

One last compliment must be paid to the artwork released for this EP. The burnt orange, frantic nature of the EP cover is very stimulating to the eye and I hope the band will be releasing some merch that is of a similar vein in support of this release. Overall, this is a great release. It does everything expected of an EP; fresh, engaging and different, this selection of 4 tracks is a flex for everything that this band can do. There is no doubt in my mind that Nothing But Thieves are some of the hottest property in the industry right now. This EP is for every occasion.

5/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

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