Hughdem and Dux hit up “old school vibes with new school flair” on new EP – 90s Kid.

We’ve seen Dux (Niall Sheerin) and Hughdem (Hugh Williams) collaborate before. Namely, on Dux’s main project Coalescent, where Hughdem features on the infectious Lyrics ‘n’ bars and the considerably more melancholic No Remedy. This time around, Dux alludes to a “shared theme” that they have been able to explore across this set of songs as opposed to standalone singles.

“With our other collaborations, it was more just to do with having fun and bouncing off each other but this EP gravitates towards the old way of doing things; whether it’s with rap music or memories of childhood. It comes naturally to us.”

Another difference to note between this EP and the previous works of these two is the step up in production value. 90s Kid feels very polished – crisp beats pave the way for measured and calculated delivery from the two vocalists. While, relatively speaking, these guys are still pretty fresh on the scene, they aren’t shy about disclosing some of the lessons that they’ve learned in their journey since starting out.

“As long as it sounds good, it sounds good. What I mean is, you’ll hear a lot of ‘rules’ about processing sounds and often think that you haven’t processed something enough or you haven’t added ‘x’ amount of effects and plugins. But, at the end of the day, if it sounds good, it sounds good. Trust your ears. Believe in ‘em.”

A big learning curve has been the art of final mixes and mastering – a skill that Dux admits he is still adapting to.  “When it comes to being a producer, it’s kind of daunting when it comes to making your music ready to be sent out into the commercial world amongst every other polished piece of music out there.”

Additionally, Hughdem points out that it can take a while for live performances to feel “comfortable”. “Getting music heard is a constant struggle. You’ve got to make sure that you’re putting on a good live show – that’s where a lot of people hear you for the first time”.

In part, 90s Kid can be seen as a celebration of working through these struggles. The likes of Pure Imagination and Get Down Like This are bouncy tracks that ooze with a swaggering confidence that can only come from musicians assured in their craft. The highlights come in tracks like Cold in which you can really hear the “old school vibes with new school flair” – it’s definitely one of the harder tracks on the record.

“I just hope that people enjoy it to be honest… it’s a display of lyrical and production skill… and us paying homage to the greats… and also us having fun. It’s something for people to bump to, dance to, and sit down and consciously listen. I feel like people will see the progression from old stuff we’ve done.”. The duo then proceeds to list some of who they consider to be “the greats” – current giants Kanye West, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar all receive their dues but also the likes of Rakim and Black Thought are paid tribute to.

Dux hopes to one day be referred to as one of “the greats”. Hughdem hopes to be remembered as “the dopest in the game” (as well as “an above average rapper and producer”). They both agree that they’d want to be “someone who gets brought up in interviews like this”. “I want to influence more people. Because let’s be honest, rap is in a bit of a dry place at the moment in terms of skill”.


Check out 90s Kid at:

Coalescent (Dux and Aftermind) will be supporting Artful Dodger at London’s CARGO CLUB on Saturday 20th October 2018. Grab your tickets and find out more info about Coalescent’s upcoming projects here: 

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