Blustering delicate, make sure you take time to escape with milkd’s Little EP.

Milkd are a band we have been lucky enough to work with in the past here at WaveByte. Comprising of Will Langston and Andy Stern, milkd are one of the undiscovered, hidden gems in the alternative, indie scene. Before I get into it, if you haven’t heard of milkd I thoroughly recommend you go back and look at the catalogue of releases available on their Spotify – you won’t be disappointed. Now, since the release of Come Out – the video for which we were lucky enough to premier back in April – the two-piece have been locked away, working hard to produce another stellar release. Now, after a quiet few months, they are back and bring with them the Little EP.

Please Don’t Make Me Change You opens with an electronic, bouncing beat before the vocals of Will Langston marry perfectly with the track. The riff that gracefully dances through this track is welcomed particularly flavoursomely in the gaps in Langston’s vocals. The oozing “ahhs” and “oohs” that mask the background of this track make for a layered, complete listen. The introduction of the electronic in this track is something somewhat new to the Milkd arsenal, however, it works wonderfully well to make for an engaging listen. I can see why this one was a single. Moving On is the second track on the EP and follows the blueprint set out by the band in their previous releases. The electric guitar of Stern takes the forefront a little more and grabs you by the headphones and dunks you in the park, walking your dog or perusing on the beach with a beautifully constructed cocktail. The vibe of this one is, in general, a little more upbeat and urges you to shimmy with it. A real triumph.

Little Miss You returns to the electronic, metronomic introduction that is seen in the opening track of the EP. However, with this one, it features a little more prominently throughout. Opting this time for an acoustic guitar as their means of delivery, the song addresses the softer side of the band – producing a lovelorn, soothing croon that will steal your heart. The clever lyricism that sees the hums of “I missssss youuuuu” in the chorus marry wonderfully with the title of the song really ties the song together. The last track that makes up this release is Medicinal Love, a track that is not a new listen for milkd fans. This track has a catchy, crooning chorus and will whisk you away for just over three minutes. The piano again showcases another tool that the band have at their disposal. This track is one of my favourites that the band have released. If I was to recommend one of the tracks from the EP for someone to check out, it would be this one.

This EP is a light, delightful dance for your ears. There is a little bit of everything for anyone who is in need of some escapism or relaxation. The duo have released four incredibly tight tracks, which all offer the listener something different. It is for this reason that I urge you to make time in your day to listen to this EP, check out milkd and support as many growing, talented bands as possible. The future is bright, mark my words.

4/5 Bytes. Callum Huthwaite.

Check out milkd…




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