An exercise in experimental maturity, can Fizzy Blood conjure up something special in their latest EP, Pink Magic?

Pink Magic marks the third EP released by this Leeds quintet and looks to continue their ongoing uprising within the UK rock scene. Last year we were treated to Summer Of Luv – an EP fuelled by itchy and unsettled dynamics that would have excited even the most passive of listeners. Now, however, we are greeted with something with just as much edge but delivered in a more sophisticated and polished manner.

Kicking off with the titular track, and second single, Pink Magic runs with a perpetual synth bass that carries throughout the song. It keeps the pace in a number that is otherwise quite refrained in comparison to the Fizzy Blood that we had heard throughout previous releases. In an interview we carried out with the band in February, they alluded that this EP would be “something different” and this is made apparent from the offset. The drums plod alongside intermittent guitar parts, atop of which Benji Inkley’s vocals sit as clean as a whistle – a far cry from Summer Of Luv‘s opener, Pawn.

The record’s first single, CFO feels a bit more driven, mainly due to the stabbing guitar chords that punch their way through the verses. The lo-fi undertones to this track give it an incredible uniqueness that initially may deter listeners, however, as we progress, the chorus is so infectious that it becomes entirely complimentary and offers an authenticity to the music that is so often lost amongst other artists. Strangers is undeniably the most mature offering from Fizzy Blood thus far. It’s a swooning, crooning exploration into just how far this band can hone in their craftsmanship, as opposed to being just another loud rock band. Strangers also marks the third and final single from this EP, which leaves us just the one track that we haven’t already heard…

Perhaps the highlight of the record, Illusion is a head-bopping ditty that still boasts plenty of glowering attitude. “I see through the simple tricks” is a line that has been stuck in my head since I first heard this song, the delivery of the lyrics is perfect – they dance in and out of your ears at just the right points. The slower, more morose parts of this song demonstrate the same maturity that had been realised in the earlier tracks of this EP. The more upbeat sections inject a funky energy that will force you to tap your feet and nod your head along. It is a complete song that demonstrates every aspect of the direction in which Fizzy Blood seem headed.

Despite having heard 3/4 of the EP, you should definitely spin Pink Magic over and over. Fizzy Blood are so good at layering their tracks and I guarantee that with each listen you will pick up on something that you may have glossed over before. This record affirms the notion that Fizzy Blood are top of the class when it comes to measured songwriting that maintains the fundamental excitement that keeps us coming back for more. Keep an ear out for these guys, they’re on their way to something big.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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