With the recent release of their storming new single, Boot Fillers, we take a look at one of the UK’s most promising prospects.

Mere months have passed since this punk rock trio released their debut EP Social Potions, however, they’re certainly not content with resting easy. August 23rd saw the band announce a brand new single in the form of Boot Fillers – a move that fans weren’t necessarily expecting, but were certainly hopeful of. The bottom line is that Social Potions simply wasn’t enough. Don’t take this pejoratively. The itchy and angsty sound that Lady Bird triumphed across the four-track EP left us with an insatiable taste for more. Unflinchingly honest and refreshingly raw, Lady Bird exude excitement.

Boot Fillers is 2018’s answer to Chelsea Dagger. Launching with an utterly infectious chorus of “nana na na na”, it begins in a manner that will have you hook line and sinker. Immediately you’ll be singing along and pumping your arms up and down like there’s no tomorrow. Despite the song’s jovial informalities, the subject matter is one that should not be made light of and is bound to resonate with a considerable portion of Lady Bird’s demographic. “Shout out to step-kids and step-parents everywhere” was tweeted out on the band’s Twitter account at the point of the single’s release. Throughout the number, we are told of the trials and tribulations that can occur in the often turbulent relationships between children and their newly appointed parent(s). However, importantly, the lyrics promote an ultimately positive take on such a cumbersome topic. The last part of Sam Cox’s spoken-word monologue reads “We don’t have to stay the same forever. We can blossom and adjust and someday become better. He could be happy. You could be happy. We could all be happy, but it requires practice.”

On the live scene, the band have been putting in the hours required to make themselves heard over festival season. We were lucky enough to catch the band at 2000trees as they deafeningly shook the Main Stage to life on a slow Friday noontime. They’ve also conquered the likes of Reading+Leeds (with not one, but two sets under their belt), All Points East, Truck Festival, Neverworld and Boardmasters. With all this momentum behind them, you’d be remiss if you didn’t catch them live on the upcoming Slaves tour, where Lady Bird are set to support. You can find more info and buy your tickets here. Slaves are the party that is playing a big part in Lady Bird’s ongoing rise. Taking them under their widely-spanning wings, the Kent boys are looking out for each other. Lady Bird are signed to Slaves’ record label Girl Fights Records, the body through which they have been able to release their music thus-far. Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent are both also named as producers on Boot Fillers and so it is a fair assumption that this relationship will continue to flourish. Long may it continue.

If you’re a fan of The Streets, forget about them. It’s all about Lady Bird now – they have all the tools to be the voice of this generation. They’ve got the potential to be the very best.

Check out the video for Boot Fillers now:


Aaron Jackson.

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