Prey Drive prove why we should be listening to up-and-coming artists with new single Pancakes.

I will forgive you if you have never heard of Prey Drive before, however, I won’t forgive you if this doesn’t change after reading this review. The Norwich 4-piece have excited me since I heard them play at the – sadly, now retired – historic Owl Sanctuary. They were the support artist on a wintery evening and I remember being absolutely captivated. Their melodies and delivery were second to none, vocally tight and exceptionally poised for a band playing in a run-down pub. Their performance was so engaging that I found myself buying a rather loud, yellow tee from their merch collection – it is now a stapled-on, favourite of mine. From here, I had no choice but to listen to their EP, Tabula Rasa, and was incredibly impressed. Now, we can finally get to grips with a new Prey Drive single.

The song opens with a few reverberating slaps on the tubs and we bounce on in. Incessantly vivacious, the opening of this track – which blends bite and bounce wonderfully – will leave you no option but to tap your feet along with it. The riff that commands the opening is a highlight of the song, it makes for an electric introduction. In fact, the guitar on display throughout this single dances from moments of math into intricate showings of flare impressively. For a band so early in their journey, their sound is creatively layered. There is something about the style of this track that is reminiscent of the latest Good Tiger record – I must assure you that this is a compliment of the highest order. The vocals, however, are utterly incomparable. Their high-pitched delivery struts over the swaggering melody, especially that of the pre-chorus and chorus. There is a freedom in the chorus that makes you want to move – displayed aptly by the nature of the accompanying video. The breakdown is elevated and almost feels anthemic. It builds, as does the video, to a crucial moment in the song. From here, there is nothing left to do but nod your head with the “woos” and the pirouetting guitar. With homage being paid to Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and their release Undone – The Sweater Song, the lyrics for this track are completed and bring the song to its conclusion. Pancakes is a genuine bop that wouldn’t feel out of place on either an angsty, teenager or a summer vibes, BBQ playlist.

This song has only furthered my excitement for the future of Prey Drive and the music they are due to release. Songs such as Pancakes are the very reason why we should support up-and-coming talent in the towns we live in. Without the Owl Sanctuary, I would never have had the chance to hear this band and for that I am thankful. You can pre-order Once More with Feeling now via Krod Records (

4.5/5 Bytes.

Callum Huthwaite.

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