1. Introduce us to your project!

Hello, my name is DiipSilence, I’m a Chinese electronic music producer based in LA. “Galaxy” is my new original Chillstep/Chillout mix, it describes the night sky of the deserts in California. I went to Joshua Tree National Park last summer on vacation, during the trip I also recorded some field sounds and foleys. I edited these recordings back in my studio; the sounds immediately brought me the images of the milky way, boulders, deserts, Joshua trees and giant cacti. So, I decided to make a track to keep the memory alive by using the sounds recorded from there.

2. How did you guys start out?

After two years of college in Audio Engineering, I worked as a mixing engineer and post sound editor in Los Angeles for three years. While working in studios to mix others’ songs, I started to write my own music and released them under the artist name “DiipSilence”. Before jumping into the world of music I was a math major for six years, to me, math and music are quite similar, they are both magic numbers to describe the world.

3. Describe your band’s sound.

I love dreamy sounds, I like to infuse electronic music elements with transnational world ethnic instruments, also with field recordings and foley sounds in my production. For example, in this project “Galaxy”, I use field recordings on location, I also use a world music instrument “Hang Drum” for the main melody because the chill and deep sound is a perfect choice to describe the night galaxy.

4. What influences your craft?

My post sound editor and mixing engineer experience help me a lot on my sound choices, I tend to imagine a picture in my mind first and gather the sounds from my library to fit the song, just as a film post audio editor cutting sound effects to a scene. The math study experience also influences how I am modelling the music; sometimes the nerdy me will come up and write down a formula to calculate where should I put the next a drum beat. Also, the music I’m listening to, the artists I’m following will profoundly influence my craft. One of my favourite artists is Tim Exile, his music, sound library and plugins inspire me a lot, not only in how I write music but also in sound designing and creating my sample instrument.

5. What makes your band different? Why should people listen to you?

My projects are usually infusing some transnational ethnic music with electronic music, infusing math with music, infusing Chinese culture with western culture. My sound choices heavily rely on my post-production experience; I use field recordings on set to give the song a feel of “seeing the sound”, my goal is to let people feel what I can see in the song. I think adding these points together would bring my music a unique vibe.

6. When introducing people to your music, what song should I show them first? What is your quintessential track?

“Fury Tail(寒山众)” is one of my quintessential songs, it’s a Trap/GuFeng song that hit No.1 for two weeks in Chinese ING indie music chart. I’m such a fan of classic Chinese poetry, so I wrote the lyrics with ancient Chinese prose, then added some electronic music elements such as trap beats, dub synth etc. I just tried this for fun, but to my surprise, they seemed to blend well. In the bridge part, I wrote a quiet melody with ancient Chinese instrument Xiao – a traditional Chinese flute that made with Bamboo; I’m also reading my favourite Chinese poem in the song.

7. What has been the biggest struggle in your career so far?

The biggest struggle for me is to balance my role between a musician and a marketer. Ideally, I’d like only to be an artist, but I’m not in that position now to have a luxury production team. Just like every independent artist, not only do I need to work harder on my music but also I need to learn how to do music marketing. Also, the balance between writing music and mixing music is a bit difficult. Since I’m a mixing engineer at the first stage, sometimes I can’t help myself to stop considering mixing while writing, which will disturb my creative process.

8. What has been the biggest highlight in your career so far?

The biggest highlight for my career would be two of my songs are in the Chinese music chart, “Fury Tail” hit No.1 in ING music chart, and “Tide of the Frozen (ft. S.LEE) ” hit No.3 in Xiami (Alibaba) Orginal Music Chart. I’m proud of those two songs. Hope I can write more good songs in the future.

9. How bright is the future of your project – what are the plans?

I’m planning to release at least one song monthly. Recently I’m working on my first EP titled “Meteorology IV”. Each song in this EP will describe a type of weather phenomenon. I’ll put lots of ambience recording and foley sounds in this album as well, stay tuned for an update!

10. When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

I want people to remember that I’m an artist who uses everything into making music. I believe everything has its sound, every noise in the world can be musical. I’d love to make my music with some unconventional “instruments” in our everyday life: I’d like to make a snare sound with a small stone throwing into a pond; an 808 sub-bass with fidget spinner; I’d love to make these noises alive in my tracks. Music is freedom, and everything can be music.

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us!

You can find out more about DiipSilence here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diipsilence/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/diipsilence
Site: https://www.diipsilence.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/diipsilence
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5gegy7nSWtV0fFkKriLinI?si=u_sl0SBQQvuDOEnS0Ti7fA

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